November 27, 2022

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Shanghai also separates people who are declared negative

Shanghai also separates people who are declared negative

Negatively reported and forced into custody: Despite control and severe anti-Kovid-19 measures in Shanghai, even non-coronavirus-infected residents remain isolated to prevent infection.

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China, which has largely escaped for two years, has suffered its worst epidemic since the spring of 2020 in recent weeks.

In the metropolitan area of ​​Shanghai, it is by far the most affected and 25 million residents are detained for a month, even if someone is positive and asymptomatic, sent to a mass detention center – variable sanitation for comfort and safety.

Residents will be put on buses at midnight to evacuate. Many residents are outraged by these isolation reactions. Needless to say, a negative test is no longer synonymous with peace of mind.

Many people who tested negative said they had to leave their homes to isolate themselves outside of Shanghai. A few hundred km to the city.

“We have no choice,” Lucy said, preferring to keep her last name quiet for fear of retaliation.

“Police told us there were a lot of positive cases in our residence.”

According to police, staying means being at risk of contracting the disease.

As China follows the Zero COVID-19 policy, it is also adding financing to the official toll. Shanghai recorded 7,137 new positive cases on Monday, a slight decrease in 24 hours.


Displaced with her neighbors at midnight, Lucy was sent to a temporary detention center in Anhui Province (east), more than 400 km from her home.

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This resident does not know when she will return home.

His misfortune was far from an isolated case. The AFP was also able to speak with other Shanghai nationals who were sent to solitary confinement in other provinces.

A resident of Jingan District, famous for its temple of the same name and sophisticated cafes, testified about the anonymous situation.

At her residence, people negatively proclaimed that “everyone got a call” telling them to leave their home, she said.

People who declared positively were “transferred to hotels [y] Be Alone ”, instructs the resident, who found herself in an” intimidating “detention center in Anhui.

She said colleagues “lost full confidence in the Shanghai authorities” due to the unfortunate situation at her residence.

Another resident interviewed by the AFP assured that the strong opposition of his neighbors did not in any way prevent the authorities from detaining him outside of Shanghai.

Excessive actions

The controversial action reflects the “strong pressure” of authority on local authorities to achieve zero cases, said Yanjong Huang, a health issues expert at the Council on Foreign Relations in the United States.

Once the outbreak is seen, civil servants are regularly fired for alleged violations.

To protect themselves from such sanctions, some officials have been tempted to resort to “excessive measures”, Mr. Huang mentioned.

The evacuation of negatively declared patients is also a matter of “prevention,” with officials predicting an increase in pollution cases within a specified perimeter.

According to the official New China Agency, several tens of thousands of contact cases have been isolated in the provinces bordering Shanghai.

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But the media, on the other hand, did not mention the people who declared negatively.

Shanghai City Hall did not respond to requests for comment from AFP.