December 8, 2022

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The REM de l’Est project has been withdrawn from the hands of CDPQ Infra

The REM de l'Est project has been withdrawn from the hands of CDPQ Infra

Quebec City decides to take control of the Rizo Express metropolitan project (REM) Clearing the area from the east and downtown Montreal on Monday faced a mixture of relief and anxiety. In particular, it indicates the rapid saturation of the green line of the metro to which the REM must be connected.

Franకోois Legalt Kaisse said his government’s decision to abandon the downtown division prompted him to withdraw from the Depot at Placement du Quebec (CDPQ) project. “Kaisse chose not to sue and I understand them. By removing the downtown section, we are in a position to turn this into a non-profit project for Kais,” the Prime Minister explained.

Orders for the project will be handed over to the Autorite Regionalo de Transport Metropolitan (ARTM), the Minister des Transports du Quebec (MTQ), Montreal City and the Society de Transport de Montreal (STM) to analyze the file. And make proposals to the government. The first meeting between the partners is already scheduled for Monday afternoon.

Going further REM?

If the downtown section is removed, the east and north side settings will be maintained. “The rest of the way is getting favorable reception,” said Franకోois Legalt.

The committee will be tasked with analyzing scenarios aimed at connecting the future REM de l’Est to the Metro’s green line, which will require increasing the metro frequency, he said. Valerie Plante. It should also look at the possibility of extending REM from the east to Lanaudier (via its eastern branch) and the Laval (to Mary-Victorine College for its branch). The consolidation of REMs in the Souligne sector of Mercier-Est also needs to be improved, argues Franois Legalt.

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Quebec hopes to continue the technology developed by CDPQ Infra, but the overall financial package for the project, with an estimated initial cost of $ 10 billion, will need to be reviewed. Adding divisions to Lanaudière and Laval is likely to increase revenue, Francois Legault said.

The project schedule will also need to be reconsidered. “Those who know me know that I do not have that much patience and I want this project to happen as soon as possible,” the Prime Minister said. “It’s very important for the development of the eastern end of Montreal.”

A mistake to avoid

For Mayor Valerie Plante, the changes made to the project signify the success of the city of Montreal. Demanded a decision-making role. “The aviation department in the city center is a historic mistake that must be avoided,” she argued.

Mayor Plante believes the proposed solution would respond to expressed concerns about heritage conservation, particularly the effects of Chinatown and REM. Morgan Park, In Hochelaga-Mysannuevelo. “It’s not a problem anymore,” she said.

The project’s revision has been a success for the citizens of Hochelaga-Mysannev, who have been fighting for months against the arrival of airstrips along Notre-Dame Street and their occupation of Morgan Park. Patricia Clermont from Regroupment des Repariance de la Ru Notre-Dame, “This means we’re really right.” This decision is necessary. ⁇

The East Montreal Chamber of Commerce (CCEM) did not hide its frustration at the disappearance of direct access to downtown, which it deems “necessary”. “It is unthinkable that the western island and the southern coast would have a direct connection with the downtown area of ​​our metropolis, but the eastern part of Montreal would be surpassed,” apologized to its CEO Jean-Denis Charest. .

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The Christian Yakkarini, President, Angus Development Company Quebec believes that without intervention, REM de l’Est would not be possible. However, like CCEM, he lamented the loss of direct access to the city center east of the metropolis. However, he hopes that new partners piloting the project will explore the possibility of an underground link with the city center – which CDPQ Infra has never considered, according to him.

Green line

Lecturer and expert in transportation planning at the University of Montreal, Pierre Bario sees the project’s savings in a good light. He also believed that despite concerns about zoning farmland in the Laval Territory, it would be a good idea to consider extensions to Lanadier and Laval.

But the problem is, according to him, the predictable and rapid saturation of Metro’s green line, which also serves SRB PI-IX. “After opening three stations in Laval, the green line will be worse than the orange line. I believe we are going straight to the wall, ”he said. In this case, consider the tramway along the Quebec Rene-Lewesk boulevard, which he believes: “It’s time to rethink mobility for short trips, REM has trouble responding.”

Regarding the Green Line, STM argues that its participation in the Multiparty Committee will ensure the “effective integration” of the project with existing services. “One of the goals pursued by STM is to provide a pleasant and efficient travel experience for current customers on the Green Line as well as new customers at REM,” said spokesman Philip Derry.

The REM de l’Est project and its aerial structures in the city center have been fueling controversy for months. In particular, it has become a topic Severe criticism from ARTM. Last March, the Committee of Independent Experts Quebec has been instructed to ensure the urban integration of the project, and has also expressed significant concerns about the risk of urban cracking caused by the aerial REM.

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