December 5, 2023

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Alexander Barrett causes a delicious inconvenience, everyone talks about it, which pushes Guy to hide a lip

Alexander Barrett causes a delicious inconvenience, everyone talks about it, which pushes Guy to hide a lip

Jester Alexandre Barrett, who turned up in an interview with Jose Goudett on Sunday evening on the topic of “Everyone talks about it”, caused incredible discomfort, causing Guinea to lean back against the counter.

In memory of the girl who wrote these lines, this is the first time we have only seen the guy’s forehead during the show, but this is unconfirmed information.

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Jose Goudet is on set To mention his departure from the “It ends the week well” show, After nine seasons of animation with Julie Belanger. As the comedian mentioned the possibility of returning to the stage in his future projects, Alexandre Barrett questioned him about the possibility of (very) skillfully collaborating with Grandes Guels.

“Want to be on stage again …. skunk the killer question … is it going to be a duet or a solo? Since I heard at the end … Well, let me put it to you: From Emily Begin to Marilop Wolf, in the end, how did you get along with the Big Mouths?

We have captured the panelists’ responses for you.

Mary-line Jonkas is usually bursting with laughter that follows a crisp joke.

Jose Goudett interrupted: “I’m not even sure I understand her.”

We may not understand all the nuances of the joke, either, but we suspect it is linked to Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge and Mariloup Wolf’s highly publicized divisions.

Guy A hides behind his small counter.

Later, Alexandre Barrett retaliated by saying that it was the second version of his joke, indicating that the first had a more complete body. Guy A, seemingly temporarily forgetting that he was in charge of the set, asked him what the first version was, to which his idiot replied, “Well, Lawyer, I do not want to do this.” That’s when the former RBO pulled himself together with a laugh and started the interview very quickly.

His moment was loved by the audience. To those who were interested, when Jose was finally able to answer the question, he made it clear that he was never in conflict with Mario Tessier, that he had never really been, and that yes, it was possible for the Grandes Guilles to return. Especially since both of them are celebrating their 30th anniversary now!

For The full segment with Jose Goudet‌, here it is.

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