September 29, 2022

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East REM: Tower of Babel

East REM: Tower of Babel

The mood is hilarious and the fight against “aversion” At the Legault-Plante meeting, yesterday, about the “REM de l’Est” project.

However, the Prime Minister and the Mayor have just announced that this train will probably never be the same.


Like the original REM – Western announced in the Couillard era – this eastern REM was designed and built by CDPQ Infra, a branch of Kaisse that specializes in the management of major infrastructure projects.

But since the CDPQ must return, the train was asked to pass through the city center. Whether it makes him clumsy.

In addition, similar requirements led her to poorly anchor her train to the metro network.

Montreal and Quebec City understand that Neat Kaisse had to leave his position.


Valerie Plante has something to share in the relief. Tall structures often look stunning in architect drawings. But, of course, they obstruct the landscape, create unsightly barriers, and in our environment they quickly deteriorate. Downtown Montreal did not qualify. Fortunately, the Quebec government watered down its wine. A few weeks ago, we thought he should pass, ignoring the reluctance of the “steamroller” (let me resume my “pun” with the metropolitan French minister’s surname) population and major transport players. In Montreal. Minister Chantal Rowlow is undoubtedly lyrical. She raised REM to the level of a “community project”, “the whole world [avait] Eyes glazed over at the project and hung up on “amazing development opportunities”. There is no other way but to allow CDPQ.


Opposition groups called for the immediate end of hostilities, but he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Francois Legalt’s.

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Mayor Plante found a real place in the process, which she thought was “back into the wall” a few weeks ago.

Yesterday, she was almost ecstatic about it: “I dreamed about it!” The fact is that by handing over the project to the ARTM-MTQ-MTL-STM quartet, we have now reduced the probability that this train will one day travel almost zero in the metropolis.

Keep in mind that the Couillard government certainly sought the expertise of the CDPQ as we were fed up with the continuous delays of metropolitan transport projects.

Where can we find the billions that CDPQ wants to invest? Moreover, the possibilities for a stalemate between the agency, the STM, the ministry, the city (and its boroughs) are almost endless.

So at a kind of transport tower of Babel Mr. Legalt and Mr.Me Plante commissioned the project. They can say that they are impatient about this eastern train, we deserve to be skeptical.