May 17, 2022

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Guy Laughlor funeral per minute

Guy Laughlor funeral per minute

Quebec Guy Laughlor focuses on the Cathedral of Mary-Rein-du-Monde in Montreal for a national funeral.

Many celebrities, politicians, current and retired hockey players will be attending the final tribute to the “Blonde Demon”.

Archbishop of Montreal, Msgr. The ceremony, presided over by Christian Lepin, will begin at 11 a.m. The Archbishop of Quebec, Cardinal Gerald Cyprian Lacroix will also attend the ceremony.

People can attend the event on two large screens set up in the open square in front of the cathedral. Only 120 guests will be allowed inside the church for the ceremony.

Follow our exclusive presentation hosted by Sophie Thibault and Felix Segwin.

The events thread is here:

10:14 am | Interview with Serge Sward, former Canadian player and general manager.

10:02 am | Geoff Molson said a special tribute will be paid to Guy Laughlor at the Bell Center.

Screenshot TVA News

9:55 am | Among the guests attending the ceremony was former Quebec Premier Jean Charrest.

Screenshot TVA News

9:30 am | The first guests arrive at Cathedral Mary-Rein-du-Monde.

Screenshot TVA News

9:25 am | Interview with Athlete Barber Menik.

9:06 | The course of the ceremony will be explained in an interview with Bishop Christian Lepin Sophie …

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