May 24, 2022

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Cubeser soldier who taught young people how to shoot secretly

Cubeser soldier who taught young people how to shoot secretly

The Canadian Armed Forces confirmed that one of their soldiers was “analyzing” the file, inviting the young man to operate his guns at a shooting club in Estre without permission and secretly.

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“The member’s command chain has been notified. We are collecting information and we are in the process of evaluating the situation, “said Zahida Assari, a member of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Newspaper The “ex-soldier” who appeared in his ads on Snapchat revealed last week that he had been expelled from a shooting club in Estre for life.

A man who goes by the name “Yasin Yasin” on social media has secretly invited young people to carry his guns for $ 160. The Sandhill Shooting Club in Cookshire-Eaton was unaware of the small business this member was running on his site. Upon hearing the news the club expelled the man for life.

Internal scandal

According to new information confirmed by the Canadian Armed Forces, Yassin Yassin was actually a part-time member of the Regiment Les Fusiliers de Sherbrooke.

“An administrative investigation is likely to be initiated and, depending on the outcome of the investigation, the member may face administrative action leading to his release. [ou non] Member, “said Zahida Assari.

A soldier’s colleague, fearing retaliation from his boss, requested an exile, confirming that Yasin’s revelations about Yasin had caused a great deal of controversy in the military in Quebec.

“We looked at the article and said, ‘Oh shit.’

Snapchat account has disappeared

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Newspaper This week the soldier was contacted on his Snapchat account, but our interview requests were denied.

“It simply came to our notice then. This is a normal account just like any other account. I do not understand what you want to talk about. You have published your article and it will end there, ”he said.

Note that after this conversion, the Snapchat account promoting the soldier’s services was deleted.

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