May 24, 2022

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Conservative talk: Too much pressure on Polyvre

Conservative talk: Too much pressure on Polyvre

The first discussion will take place tonight in the Conservative leadership race. All candidates strive to live up to their dignity, to show themselves as leaders, to maintain their positions, their beliefs, and their courage.

Discussion is a crucial moment in leadership in the context of leadership competition. Even more When abortion is on everyone’s lips and we are in CCP.

It’s an important meeting, especially for the two main candidates: Pierre Poilivre and Jean Charrest.

Mr. Polyvre must prove that he really has ideas to propose to conservatives and Canadians beyond slogans and empty phrases. A formidable orator, he knows how to figure out his point and use vicious attacks on opponents. His speech was improved, tested and approved by his supporters. But today, he has to address all conservatives and all Canadians, not just those who already support him. Does his message convince them? If he is willing to keep it as a scene in the Commons and during his rallies, he promises to give a lot of presentation.

The recent abortion debate has not been very prominent on exchanges. Poilievre must expect. Although he calls himself Pro-Choice, he is certainly not comfortable with the problem. He wants to leave the goat and cabbage to get the support of anti-abortion activists in this race. Will he have the courage to give clarity on this question that has come up in the recent news?

Mr. As for Charles, his last debate was 10 years ago, in the 2012 legislative elections. Will he quickly regain his former reflexes? Can he compete with an incision and abrasion Poilievre? It has to be done. One thing is for sure, the two rivals and their campaign tactics are different. For the first time, we can compare them at the level of ideas and precisely at the level of thoughts and beliefs. After all, it really should count in the race.

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