December 8, 2022

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“Shame on the Quebecs! : Liberals attack conservatives over abortion

“Shame on the Quebecs!  : Liberals attack conservatives over abortion

I watched in amazement and then horror as ten Quebec Conservative MPs remained silent as there was a possibility of aborting the right to abortion among our neighbors in the South.The Liberals of Pontiac, who were elected during question time, announced Sophie Chattel.

His intervention immediately sparked protests from Conservative MPs. This is completely wrong!, It makes lies! And other conflicting messages became a rocket.

Halbaloo went even further when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rose to respond to the MP Chatel he shared His feelings And lamenting that the Conservatives are escaping To address issues relevant to women and clearly all Canadians.

Shame on the Cubans! He started pointing towards the Conservative benches.

Immediately after Question Hour, the Conservatives and the Bloc demanded an apology. Black Cuban Parliamentary Leader Alain Therrian criticized Mr. Trudeau for referring to his remarks to all Cubans, not just those sitting in the official opposition.

The Prime Minister apologized and made it clear that his message was aimed only at Conservative MPs in Quebec. As for the apology demands demanded by the Conservatives, they remain a dead letter.

Many representatives of Belle Province spoke out in support of the right to abortion on social networks or in public comments. Gerard Deltel argued that Chattel had made false remarks.

Mr Deltel was particularly underlined in a press scrum on Tuesday A woman has the right to decide whether or not to have an abortion […] 100% belongs to him.

We all know the parliamentary rules. We know we can not confirm the opposite of the truth. […] I believe the Pontiac member made a mistakeProtested in the House on Wednesday.

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Ms Chattel sent a signal that she had no remorse for the slander she had inflicted on the Quebec Conservatives. Many MPs in this House have come out in support of American women […] And no one should sitShe offered.

Mr. Trudeau also looked annoyed with his exit from the House of Commons. What is the nature of your thoughts if you move your lips in a certain way sir? (Gentleman, what is the nature of your thoughts when you move your lips in a certain way?), He started in English. Her father, former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, made a similar comment in the past.