May 24, 2022

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Formula 1 | Mercedes F1 describes its approach and testing in Miami

Formula 1 |  Mercedes F1 describes its approach and testing in Miami

As announced this week, the Mercedes F1 is looking at a number of different directions to address and resolve the porpoising issues facing its 2022 car and will use some upgrades at the end of this weekend Grand Prix in Miami.

Team Principal Toto Wolf said the focus was on finding a long-term solution rather than compromising performance, and that many avenues are currently being explored.

“We’re just trying to find a solution that does not fix the bounce.” Wolf explains in Miami

“Because you can fix the ground effect problem by tightening the floor. But by trying to make the car more stable you lose the downforce. And that’s not the direction we’m going to take. Let’s go with the parts. Stay this weekend.”

“Unfortunately, without private testing, every race weekend will have some live experience. You can not repeat the bounce we see in the wind tunnel on the track, so it’s the same as in the old days – a little trial and error. What do these pieces do in real life? That’s what we’re going to find.”

“So far we are looking at some directions where we think it will help us solve the long-term problem without losing downforce in terms of quality and quantity.”

“So there will be spare parts in the car this weekend and we hope to improve the direction of going with them. But do not count the big performance from the car, we will not unlock them from one weekend race to another!”

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