May 22, 2022

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CAQ seeks an expanding eastern REM in Lanaudière

CAQ seeks an expanding eastern REM in Lanaudière

Premier Legalt wants to expand the REM from the East to the Lanaudier area.

Going through the area, Franకోois Legalt told a news conference that his team was going to assess the option of extending the REM de l’Est, because in his opinion the train de l’Est was not the best choice for Lanaudiere residents. .

“I know the train coming from the east is not suitable because of the schedules, there are not many frequencies, it is long. To expand REM de l’Est in Lanaudière and we need a new project. I think this is a very good project and it will be considered, ”the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister said he wanted to have an electric transport model like REM to serve the region.

The proposal will be considered by the Regional Metropolitan Transport Authority and the Ministry of Transport and will jeopardize the future of the Eastern Railway.

Prime Minister Jolie is in the process of announcing his candidacy for the next general election.

It runs under the CAQ banner for the Franకోois St.-Louis Joliet Riding.

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