May 24, 2022

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Conservative Party: Illness, fewer blows and half-truths

Conservative Party: Illness, fewer blows and half-truths

For Rants fans, the first talk of the Conservative race on Thursday evening will be a treat. But who says Rant, exaggerated and one-upmanship. Candidates sometimes do not hesitate to distort the truth, escape the facts and make gross exaggerations. Newspaper To establish some of the facts Pierre Poylevre identified some of the highlights of the discussion between Jean Charrest, Lesline Lewis, Scott Eichson and Roman Barber.

Jean-Charest leaves a surplus … Franకోois Legalt?

Jean-Charles gave a short lesson in historical revisionism by referring to his financial record as Quebec Premier.

“I believe in economic conservatism,” he said. The Liberal Party that came after me, Mr. Coellar, left a surplus of $ 8 billion to Franకోois Legalt. ⁇

Mr. Charest’s presentation illustrates an important fact: Pauline Morois’ PQ government was successful for 19 months. Franకోois Legalt announced a budget surplus of $ 8 billion in 2018-2019, but Jean-Charles stepped down in 2012.

Jean Charrest’s new religious fiber

“Is there anything more important than religious freedom? I do not believe. ⁇

This argument was not made by the party’s religious wing candidate Leslin Lewis, but Jean-Charles stressed much about the Quebec State’s aversion to the law on secularism. Unlike his rival Pierre Poylevre, he promised to challenge the case in the Supreme Court if necessary.

His government, however, introduced a bill in 2010 calling on service providers and recipients to cover their faces. This is a complete ban on the mask, as in many European countries.

CBC = Prov

Much has been said about weakening the CBC. Some are as strong as a Roman barber of Russian descent.

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“I was born in the Soviet Union. Then came a newspaper Pravda, Means “truth”. I see no difference in terms of funding [de la CBC] By the state, ”he said.

Many candidates, with the exception of Jean-Charles, have been critical of traditional media work, calling them leftists in Justin Trudeau’s Liberals pay.

Captain Fossil

Six candidates have proven themselves to be fossil fuel champions, succeeding in convincing spoilsports: according to moderator Candice Malcolm, “Quebec politicians (who) continue to oppose and block energy projects”.

“I support oil and gas. I support the pipelines. In fact, the last pipeline built in Quebec was built by my government,” said Jean Charest.

He referred to the Saint-Laurent pipeline of Energy Valero, which connects the Jean-Gaulin refinery in Lewis to the Montreal East Storage and Distribution Terminal. It was launched in 2012 after eight years of construction. But in the living room, many are increasingly reminded that Mr. Charrest imposed a carbon tax on Quebec before Justin Trudeau started.

Heckled due to convoy

Jean-Charles apparently cried when he was attacked by a convoy of truckers occupying the Federal Capital in February.

“This confusion we saw was Justin Trudeau’s fault. But Mr. Poilievre supported this illegal blockade. It’s true. You can not defend the laws and violate them at the same time. It is in principle,” he added, raising the audience’s anger.

His opponents responded that it was a movement of anxious Canadians fighting for their livelihoods threatened by vaccine obligations. Leslin Lewis, Pierre Poyleivre and Roman Barber proudly reiterated their support for the movement.

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Miscarriage can cause discomfort

Leslin Lewis, the only anti-abortion candidate, tried to force her opponents to speak out on the issue.

Instead of defending the right of women to terminate unwanted pregnancies, Jean Charrest contacted anti-abortion activists, who make up more than a third of the party’s supporters and represent a significant portion of the membership.

“Leslin, I have deep respect for your attitude towards abortion. I want to say a word to the social conservatives tonight. We may disagree on a few things, but people who call themselves social conservatives trust family and society. I feel like a lot of good people, ”he said.

Absenteeism is always wrong

The moderators of the debate did not appreciate that Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown, the sixth person to conservative leadership, had erred in their event.

“We can only guess the reason for his absence, but we know for sure that some Canadians are worried that Mayor Brown is sowing division in the country.

Mr. The Brown campaign mainly targets cultural groups, including Sikhs, Nepalis, Indians and Tamils. The relationships he has developed over the years with these communities have allowed him to become Ontario’s Conservative Party leader in 2015.

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