May 22, 2022

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Jean Charest takes Conservatives for fools

Jean Charest takes Conservatives for fools

“A convoy trucker has more integrity at your fingertips than you and your entire government.”


Pierre Poyleivre, a candidate for Conservative Party leadership, was attacked in Jean-Charles.

“You’ve talking about law and order, your party, your Liberal party, it’s a little stronger considering that you illegally donated half a million dollars when you were leading it.”


It followed his job up to Poeleivre Jean Charest’s beard.

People clapped. A lot. Warm.


I know you are following the Conservative Party leadership race with a lot of distraction. Me too.

I think we are missing out on some fun.

The severity of the blows struck by Jean Charrest is not limited to seeing Polyvre politics as a boxing field.

This is also why Jean Charrest is looking for it.

Many conservative activists have values ​​that you and I do not share, at least for some.

But sure, they have values.

A person with values ​​respects a person who has different values, but does more than a person who is willing to say anything to seduce him.

Distortions in politics are somewhat inevitable, but as they say, cursed limits still exist.

Jean Charrest has always shunned discussions on religion.

He started the Bouchard-Taylor Commission certainly to have peace on this front, and then let his report rot on the shelf.

Today, seeking to use Bill 21 anti-aggression in English Canada, he began: “Is there anything more important than religious freedom? I do not believe it “.

As Minister of the Environment, Jean-Charles made a name for himself when he led the Canadian delegation to the 1992 UN Climate Summit in Rio.

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He introduced carbon prices.

Today, he said he was ready to build new oil pipelines and proposed reducing Canada’s targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

It can be argued that the current goals are unrealistic and that pipelines are needed to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

But this is a complete confrontation from his old vision.

When he was Quebec Premier, he requested for a framework for federal spending authority in the territories.

He protested federal intrusions, especially in the health sector.

Today, he prefers pan-Canadian standards like Justin Trudeau.


Are there limits to Jean Charest’s designs?

Clearly not, and most activists do not like it.

The Conservative Party is not my cup of tea, but my sympathy always grows for people who refuse to think of me as an idiot.

This column returns on May 26th.