December 8, 2022

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The Taliban has ordered Afghan women to cover their faces completely in public

The Taliban has ordered Afghan women to cover their faces completely in public

In a decree issued at a ceremony in Kabul, Hibatullah Akhundzada, the supreme leader of the Taliban and Afghanistan, ordered women to cover their bodies and faces completely, with the burqa, a full blue mesh at eye level, being the best choice.

Women should wear A chadri [autre nom de la burqa]Because it is traditional and dignifiedIndicates this decree.

According to Sharia recommendations, women who are too young or too big should cover their face, except for their eyes, to avoid any provocation when they meet a man. Who is not a close member of their family, he adds.

And if they have no reason to go out, that is It is better that they stay at home.

The decree also lists penalties for adults in families who do not enforce full mask wearing. The first two offenses are punishable by a general warning. On the third day, they were sentenced to three days in prison, and on the fourth day, they were brought to court.

In addition, any government employee who does not wear a full mask will be fired immediately.

Islam never recommended ChadriA women’s rights activist who remained in Afghanistan responded to the AFP on an anonymous condition.

The Taliban, unlike the progressives, are going backwards. They behave like they did in their first diet, as they did 20 years agoShe added.

Actions in the West are condemned

Canada denies these new restrictions, The sanctions imposed by the Taliban on Afghan women are a matter of grave concern. The progress made over the past decades on the human rights of women and girls in Afghanistan must be preservedThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs was added on Twitter.

The rights of women and girls in Afghanistan must be upheld and we will continue to judge the Taliban not by their words but by their actions.

A quote from Melanie Jolie, Foreign Minister of Canada

America also said The undermining of the rights of Afghan women and girls and the progress made in the region over the past 20 years is of great concern.According to a State Department spokesman.

The United Nations also condemned the decision. She Runs contrary to many guarantees regarding the protection of human rights for all Afghans Taliban representatives have provided the international community in recent years, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan stressed in a press release.


From The Taliban must return to power in August 2021The dreaded Ministry for Virtuous Promotion and Vice Prevention has issued a number of recommendations on how women should dress, but this is the first legislation to be issued at the national level.

The Taliban have so far demanded Women at least wear the hijab, cover the head with a scarf, but expose the face. However, between 1996 and 2001, when they came to power, they strongly recommended that the burqa be worn.

During their first rule, they deprived women of almost all rights in accordance with the strictest interpretation of Sharia and Islamic law.

Agents from the Ministry of Virtue Promotion and Vice Prevention whipped women caught without a burqa.

Broken promises

After they returned to power, the Taliban promised to be more lenient this time, after 20 years of occupation by the United States and its allies who ousted them in 2001.

They quickly rejected their promises.

Afghan women are now largely excluded from government jobs and are Going abroad is prohibited Or too far in the country without being accompanied by a male family member.

In March, the Taliban closed high schools and colleges for girls just hours before reopening. This unpredictable voltage is not justified except to say that girls’ education should take place according to Sharia. The international community has been vilified.

The Taliban also imposed segregation of men and women in public parks in Kabul, allocating visitation days to each gender.

The decree issued on Saturday further complicates the Taliban’s search for international recognition, with the international community directly linked to respecting women’s rights.

This is an unexpected setback that will not help the Taliban gain international recognition. Such moves further intensify the opposition against them.

A quote from Intiaz Gul, Pakistani analyst

Over the past two decades, Afghan women have gained new freedom, returning to school or applying for jobs in all fields, even though the country is socially traditional.

After the Taliban came to power, women first tried to assert their rights by holding demonstrations in Kabul and other major cities.

However, these are The movement was severely suppressed Arresting many activists and detaining them for a few weeks.

The burqa is a traditional Afghan dress widely worn in remote and traditional parts of the country. Before the Taliban returned to power, many Afghan women wore masks, if only with a loose scarf.

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