May 17, 2022

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రికార్ Mary-line Jonkas on the recorder‌

రికార్ Mary-line Jonkas on the recorder‌

Every Monday, one person shares with us their favorite shows. This week, we spoke with Mary-Line Jonkas, a big fan of Quebec television. These days, the comedian is animating The wonderful spring of Mary-Line On weekdays at 6:30 pm in Noovo and Speed ​​intellectualsMondays at 9 p.m.

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Mark-Andre Lemieux

Mark-Andre Lemieux

A criminal case

Photo courtesy of S Gavin, Crave

Celine Bonner A criminal case

“I’m collapsed! I love real crime series, detective stories … I’m far from the only one. A criminal case, Celine Bonner gave the best performance of her career. It’s hard to believe, but Celine Bonner surpassed Celine Bonner! She saw me in two. The plot goes all over the place. There are plenty of reversals. I like it. I do not know how it will end. This is Stefan Lapoint [Faits divers, Lâcher prise] Who knows. This is my favorite. He knows how to make great sets. ⁇

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Assorted mystery

Photo from Duo Productions Facebook page

Assorted mysteryWith Patrick Labbé and Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin

I watched a few episodes and could not wait to see the sequel. Melissa Desormiax-Pauline and Patrick Labe play Rachel and Emil, a pair of double agents working for the Canadian Security Services. When their superiors suspect Rachel of being a mole, they ask Emily to investigate. He knew it was impossible, but he had no choice. In an interview, Melissa told me that she learned martial arts to play this role because she wanted to do her own stunts. ⁇

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Wildlife Handbook

Photo provided by Donit, Series Plus

Antoine Pilan, Virginie Ranger-Buregard and Rodley Pitt Wildlife Handbook

This is a series we have never had. It shows people who are willing to do anything for success. The cast is awesome. I love Antoine Pilan. This guy is going to play all his life. There is no doubt. To me, Virginie Ranger-Buregard is one of the next great actresses. And I really liked Rodley Pitt. This is the first time I ‘ve seen an adaptation of Jean-Philippe Barrill Gurard’s work on TV. I feel so great. It is well written, it is visually beautiful, it is funny and engaging. ⁇

On Séries Plus (the series rebroadcasts on Thursday, July 28, at 8pm)