May 17, 2022

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Mark Dupree tells Celine Dion a very secretive state of health

Mark Dupree tells Celine Dion a very secretive state of health

Guest on set Everyone talks about it At the end of the season, on Sunday evening, singer and host Mark Duprey asked his mother-in-law, Celine Dion, about her health condition.

With Celine Dion canceling a series of concerts again recently, Guy A. LePage tried to learn more from the host Star Academy.

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Unfortunately, Mark Dupree did not have much detail to offer viewers, perhaps respecting the privacy of the widow of his wife’s father, Anne-Marie Angel.

“I hope she’s fine. No, we haven’t had much news lately. These are difficult times,” he began.

Screenshot, Instagram

Celine Dion has revealed in a video announcing that she is postponing her concerts in Europe this summer.

“I’m sad and hard not being able to express her feelings on stage. She’s always doing it. I do not know, I do not know, for a lot of health reasons. We have not talked much lately,” he added.

Joel Lemey / QMI Agency

The singer spoke about this photo of Celine posted today: Celine Dion shared a rare family photo

“I saw a photo of her surrounded by her children and it was great. She’s just around the corner. When I’m talking about family, in difficult times, you want your children.

“Okay, so you have no more news than us?” Danny asked Tarkot, who returned as Jester last season.

“No, Mark Dupree concluded. I wish him well. I’m like everyone else.”

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