June 7, 2023

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Canadian Catholic Prayer | The Journal of Montreal

Canadian Catholic Prayer |  The Journal of Montreal

“God is God”


“We pray for our Sovereign, Queen Elizabeth and the Governor-General.”

The Black Quebecos introduced a resolution to abolish prayer, which has been read in Parliament since 1877 at the beginning of each session. Bravo!

Yes, it’s 2022

According to Justin Trudeau, this is not a priority. We may respond that religious and secular issues are “too high a priority” as they occupied a large part of the English debate during the last federal election.

Amidst the federal debate, with the tacit cooperation of media leaders and chiefs, when the Cubans are considered racists because of the secular values ​​protected by Bill 21, it is certainly a question of the place of religion in our institutions. Hypocrisy.

Quebec Bashing

The Quebec Bashing Is in full swing in Canada. Double Speak is the continuation of justifying Catholic prayer that does not include the same people who despise the secular pro Quebec majority. So, yes, it is timely to discuss the position of religion in Parliament.

Catholics against abortion

When we learn that the Catholic Church is unjustly condemning abortion and that nearly forty members of the conservative religious right are opposed to abortion, we have a greater right to discuss this religious worship in Parliament in 2022.

In short, that prayer is still an instability in the largest Canadian democratic institution, but the most unacceptable thing is that those who want to keep it are the people who despise Quebec.

In Quebec, prayer was abolished almost 50 years ago. On this, on many issues, we have a different way of approaching Canadians and religion. Canada has nothing to teach us.

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Thanks to Black Quebecois for showing total Canadian instability. When will there be a movement to revise the national anthem glorifying “God”? Do not even have the courage to think of a constitution that recognizes the supremacy of God … Canada is long overdue!