May 26, 2022

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Minister Roberz said there was “no equity issue” with the digital dictionary

Minister Roberz said there was "no equity issue" with the digital dictionary

In this test last Thursday, some students only had access to a paper dictionary to check their spelling. Others may use a digital dictionary with more functionality.

Despite fears from parents and teachers in particular, the minister says he does not seem to mind Too much ambiguity in the school network.

The rule is that everyone is the same. Roberge recalls: Only students who use the digital dictionary daily during the school year can use it in a single French test.

In pedagogy, what is really special is that during the course, during the course of the test, the tools are included during the test.

A quote from Jean-Franois Roberz, Quebec Minister of Education

A shame

A French teacher with more than 20 years of experience is far from sharing the opinion of the Minister of Education. According to Johan (fictional name), who requested anonymity for fear of retaliation, the digital dictionary is an extension of existing inequalities in the network.

According to his own experience, it is the most beneficial schools and school service centers, where the deployment of technological tools is the most advanced, benefiting in the highest proportion from this tool.

Students [des écoles privées] Use a digital corrector, but our students should read the old dictionary often […] And a Bescherel, and this, time during the test is very importantExplains Johann.

Isn’t this uniform proof? A shame.

A quote from Johanne (fictional name), a French teacher in a hostile environment

At the Center de Services Scoiler de la Capitol in Quebec, last Thursday no group was able to use the entire digital dictionary. Communications consultant, Mary-Claude Laoi, also cited technical limitations to explain the situation.

Digital dictionary Available online and internet restricted during evaluation [ministère] If you have a device monitoring and control system, we do not have it […] For the momentShe says.

This digital dictionary is allowed when students have sufficient time to use it appropriately in the context of learning and when appropriate monitoring systems are in place.She continues.

Open to discussion

When asked about the issue, Minister Roberz dismissed the claim that there were no computer equipment in public schools. There is no shortage of computers in the networkHe promises.

If you have computers, you can easily access the Usito (digital dictionary). Since the epidemic, we have multiplied the number of computers by almost 300%.

A quote from Jean-Franois Roberz, Quebec Minister of Education

Mr. Roberge also relied on an internal study of his department conducted in 2019 and received a copy of Radio-Canada, showing that the use of the digital dictionary did not produce better results for those who used it. .

The use of digital device by students leads to an average increase of 0.27% in uniform test results, which is quite low.As we can read in the study, one percent is not statistically significant.

Sees the result of the study […] The Minister has repeatedly said that I will tell you that I do not see a fair issue. Will the innkeepers make adjustments now? I am ready to discuss it.

Earlier on Tuesday, three opposition parties in the National Assembly invited Mr Roberz to look into the matter. The minister should see what he is doing but do it fairlyLaunched by Quebec Liberal Party leader Dominic Anglade.

If orders are taken from the Minister let them be issued. The uniform proof should be uniformGabriel Nadeau-Dubois, co-spokeswoman for Quebec Solidair, was quoted as saying.

The leader of the party Quebecois, Paul Saint-Pierre Plamandon, went on a similar excursion. Every student should have the same resources and have a fair assessment.

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