May 26, 2022

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The pilot was ill and a passenger landed the plane

The pilot was ill and a passenger landed the plane

According to US media, a passenger with no flight experience successfully landed a small private plane at a Florida airport on Tuesday.

“I have a serious problem,” the man on board the Cessna 208 caravan told air traffic control officials, according to a radio recording transcribed by the local channel WPBF.

“My driver is unstable. I do not know how to fly a plane. “

The passenger, who admitted that he “did not know” the geographical location of the aircraft in the sky, was guided by the controllers, who recommended that he “try to keep the wings horizontal and follow the side”.

The latter eventually managed to locate the apprentice pilot and their colleagues at Palm Beach Airport helped him land there.

One of the controllers informed other planes in the area by radio call about this particular landing.

“Oh my God. Very good work,” replied one of the pilots listening.

“I tried to keep him calm. He’s really calm, listen, I do not know how to jump, I do not know how to stop it if I can get on the runway,” said Robert Morgan, one of the air traffickers. Controllers‌. Supported the traveler on CNN on Wednesday

Mr Morgan cited his experience as a flight instructor in helping him deal with the situation. Throughout the landing process, he made contact with the passenger, gave him a real fast pilot lesson, and even explained how to reach the arrival or use the brakes on the runway.

After the plane landed, “I felt like crying, there was so much adrenaline,” said Robert Morgan.

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He was then able to meet the passenger, who explained to him that he had “taken him into his arms” and that he “wanted to go home to find his pregnant wife,” the controller said.