May 26, 2022

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Group shots on Pierre Polyvre in the second debate

Group shots on Pierre Polyvre in the second debate

Pierre Poyleivre, the current leader of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leadership race, was attacked from all sides by the rest of the candidates during the first official debate of the campaign in Edmonton on Wednesday evening.

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As the abortion issue suddenly invited itself into the Conservative campaign, Mr Poyleivre was attacked by the mouths of Jean Charrest and Patrick Brown from the left, as well as the proud pro-life candidate and MP from the right side of the Leslin Lewis man.

Although he has repeatedly assured that he has no intention of resuming the debate, candidates have been criticized by Pierre Poylevre for not disclosing a summary of his thoughts on the issue.

In addition, elected officials slammed each other about the “freedom convoy”: some accused the leader of being slow in showing his support for the demonstrating truckers; Others, mainly Mr. Charest has been accused of supporting “illegal quarantine”.

Bank of Canada, the enemy of the people

Pierre Poylevre promised to fire Tiff Maclem, head of the Bank of Canada, accusing him of acting as an “ATM counter” to the Liberal government, printing money on demand and raising prices.

The Bank of Canada’s declaration of being “financially illiterate”, as the petitioner contends, is “irresponsible” in the eyes of Jean Charles.

“If you are an investor who wants to come to Canada and hear this kind of statement coming from a member of the House of Commons, you think you are in a third world country. We cannot get a leader who undermines trust in companies. The Conservatives will not do that, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

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First talk for Mayor Brown

This is the first discussion between Patrick Brown, the mayor of Brampton and former leader of the Conservative Party of Ontario, who used his first speech to warn the public against an “unelected” leader.

“The choice facing the party is clear: does it want an electoral leader who can push voters back, fall into liberal traps, give opaque answers to divisive issues like abortion, and oppose conservatives against each other?” He swayed.

While the aerobic tone of the exchanges that drew attention during the informal discussion in Ottawa last week, Mr Poylevre seemed to have lowered the temperature, also seemed to enjoy the attention given to him.

Wednesday is easy

Moderator Tom Clark, a leading Anglo-Canadian television journalist, spent an hour and a half discussing more personal questions, which received a lot of laughter from the audience and helped to get to know the candidates better. .

Mr. Clark these days wanted candidates to know the book they were reading or their favorite television series.

In the “Political Hero” category, Pierre Poelyvre chose Wilfried Laurier, Quebec and Catholic Prime Minister who led the country between 1896 and 1911.

Mr. Charrest, for his part, chose D’RC McGee, an Irish immigrant, one of the Fathers of the Canadian Confederation. He was assassinated in 1868, a year after British North American law.