May 30, 2023

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Morpheus Morin talks about her pregnancy: “Our hearts are full of joy”

Morpheus Morin talks about her pregnancy: "Our hearts are full of joy"

Magazine 7 days She spoke exclusively with Maripier Morin about her pregnancy, She just announced. The facilitator gives birth in two weeks.

We are happy, Jean-Philippe and I. Our hearts are filled with joy. Weeks pass quickly. We are ending our 37th week She said first.

When I was seven and a half months old or at least too late to be teased by my friends, I think I started having a stomach ache when I was told I was not really pregnant! “, She said.

I have a really good pregnancy. I’m fine. I feel energetic. I did not have any health problem. I know every pregnancy is different, but if all pregnancies are the same, I want 10 babies! [rires] I’m really good at it.

She adds: ” I’m lucky, because everything is going well. […] I have a wonderful boyfriend, my family is super present, and so is my boyfriend’s family. Since January, we have settled in a house that does us good. We will be surrounded by greenery. The atmosphere is conducive to welcoming this baby.

See here Image of Maripier Morin and his spouse, Jean-Philippe Perras, in their new little nest.

You can read the full interview in the most recent edition of the magazine 7 daysNow in the newsstands.

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