December 4, 2022

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Infant milk shortage may continue in the United States

Infant milk shortage may continue in the United States

(Washington) The White House financial adviser on Friday suggested that the shortage of baby milk powder could continue for some time, emphasizing that safety is a priority.

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Updated to 11:46 am.

“This problem will not be solved in a day or a week,” Brian Dees told CNN.

To the question “Should parents be ready for the last weeks or months?” Mr. Dees was exotic.

Photo by Jacqueline Martin, Associated Press Archives

White House Financial Adviser Brian Dees

“We need to see how it develops in real time,” he said, urging parents to consult their doctors for emergencies.

The stock-off-stock rate of the infant milk formula reached 43% by the end of last week, according to the data provider Data Assembly.

Initially due to supply chain problems and staff shortages, the shortage was exacerbated in February when the Michigan manufacturer Abbott’s factory closed after recalling products suspected of causing the deaths of two babies.

Mr Dees recalled that the Abbott plant was closed for security reasons, saying “safety is very important in this case.”

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Finally, he assured that “all the levers of the federal government” have been activated to support the supply chain.

With the most indifferent, wait-and-see attitude, the White House submitted some action on Thursday in a limited range.

The Biden administration plans to increase imports, among other things, but the United States produces 98% of the formula milk it consumes.

Dees said he has been working with manufacturers since the recall, citing evidence that production has already increased.

He said breast milk production was higher in the last four weeks than in the weeks before the recall.

He agreed that beyond production, parents should be able to get more milk.

For example, the United States does not allow the importation of infant milk from Europe.

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