May 16, 2022

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Mandatory mask finish | Quebec “is somewhere else in terms of defense,” Dubey said

Mandatory mask finish |  Quebec "is somewhere else in terms of defense," Dubey said

À l’aube de la fin du port du masque obligatoire dans les lieux publics, dès ce samedi, le ministre de la Santé Christian Dubé n’exclut toujours pas de le réimposer en cas de septième vague de COVID-19. Mais il prévient que le Québec est maintenant « ailleurs en termes de protection » contre la pandémie.

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Henri Ouellette-Vézina

Henri Ouellette-Vézina
La Presse

« Je pense qu’on est ailleurs en termes de protection de la pandémie. Je pense que les variants ont changé aussi », a-t-il lancé vendredi, en marge d’une conférence de presse à Montréal, promettant toutefois que la Santé publique surveillera la situation « de très près ».

Il affirme que le masque a jusqu’ici offert une « protection importante » aux Québécois, mais que la connaissance scientifique « de tous les facteurs qui contribuent à la contamination » a aussi évolué largement dans la province et dans le monde.

« Si c’était nécessaire de recommander [le retour du masque obligatoire], That would be the right thing to do. But we are not here right now. I want to tell you: Enjoy the summer a little and the good news. We had a very difficult time, ”he explained.

Mr Dubey, meanwhile, reiterated that as of Saturday, we collectively need to “trust the Quebecs.” “We’ve got there. And it’s very good news that we’ve been able to get past this stage.R Luc Boileau, earlier this week.

Quebec has repeatedly called for respect and serenity in recent days, with individuals who wish to keep the mask on operating a specific “transition period” having every right to do so. “We still have the reflex we had for two years to get in the car, go to the grocery store and wear a mask with us,” the minister said.

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“The virus is still there and we can see it. There are still 25 to 30 deaths associated with COVID-19. Yes there is a development, but it is still there, the virus ”, Christian Dubey insisted again that he wanted to continue hiding under” certain circumstances “which he considered” more comfortable with the cover “. -Face.

To this day, Quebec continues to observe a strong downward trend in other indices. On Friday, the province reported a decline of 67 hospitals. The 1,754 people currently hospitalized indicate a 15% decline in a week. In intensive care, 59 patients reported a 2% reduction in a week.