May 27, 2023

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The real opposite of Franకోois Legalt

The real opposite of Franకోois Legalt

For four years now, we have been wondering who will embody the opposition to the Legalt government.

We found the answer: Quebec mayors.

We know their profile: more progressive, more ecological and more demographic diversity.

But we do not doubt their ability to impose a new balance of power on government.


In the environment, the CAQ is immersed in a stagnation that is clearly a cause for concern.

From logging to the real estate crisis, via the tramway, up to 3And Link and urban expansion, the Legalt government is becoming a relentless nightmare of status quo.

It acts as a ball and chain attached to the ankle of change.

Worse, he prefers to build purely artificial confrontations.

Pile up examples.

Although Eric Khair accused Bruno Marchand of “polluting the lives of drivers”, Genevieve Gilbolt could not support the Quebec tramway, believing that Franకోois Bonardell’s urban expansion was a “fad” or misleading Prime Minister Francois Legalt. Development, related to client‌lija.

No one can deny that the government is coexisting with the Quebecs.

But in the environment it is not so. Of course, there are cubbers who are reluctant to change. But many are very close to the will of their elected municipal authorities, to change our perception of urbanity and build more breathtaking cities.

This is the Project Montreal effect: these mayors have succeeded in connecting the environment and the quality of life. Their success comes from there.


In the face of a waiting government, it is refreshing to see our mayors being organized, imposing a balance of power and winning their struggles.

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The formula goes well: if a politician thinks about the next election, the head of state thinks about the next generation.

Unfortunately, in terms of the environment, our Prime Minister has not yet dressed as President.