May 24, 2022

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Due to the rejection of CAQ and PQ, the discussion of leaders in English was canceled

Due to the rejection of CAQ and PQ, the discussion of leaders in English was canceled

The game, scheduled for Sept. 20, was canceled Friday afternoon due to the absence of CAQ leader and outgoing premier Franకోois Legalt and PQ leader Paul Saint-Pierre Plamandon.

Its aim is to allow party leaders to discuss, discuss and challenge their vision and priorities for Quebec, to help all Quebecs choose and to help select voters with information.The consortium was described in a written statement to CBC / Radio-Canada.

Without the participation of the leaders of all the major parties, the representatives of the English language media consortium agree that this is not a fair and informative process. Therefore, there will be no discussion of party leaders in English in this election campaign.

The Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ), Quebec Solidarity (QS) and The Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) and Party Quebecois (PQ) indicated in Friday afternoon that they would not be participating in the Leaders’ Debate in English. Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ).

The government party addressed issues of schedule and busy agenda.

Each discussion requires significant and significant preparation timeFranకోois Legalt indicated to the office that he had already agreed to participate in the TVA and Radio-Canada talks and that he Invitations to both were declined [autres] Discussions, including one in English.

The liberal leader, Dominic Angled, was immediately offended by this rejection.

Today, a section of the Quebec population is being turned away by Franకోois Legalt, and this is deplorable.She commented in a statement sent to Radio-Canada. At the PLQ, we always try to form a government for all Kubeckers, not just those who vote for us.

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PQ invites A matter of stability

Paul Saint-Pierre Plamandon, for his part, announced his intention on Twitter, referring to his party. I do not know [participerait] Leaders do not discuss in English.

The official and common language in Quebec is French.The PQ leader argues that he will be available To answer the questions of English speaking journalists.

Our campaign at the party Quebecois focuses on the stability of the French language. So there really is a question of stability for usHe later explained in an interview with Radio-Canada.

Companies in Quebec do not all work in a bilingual manner if they want to give the French language a medium and long term opportunity.

A quote from Paul Saint-Pierre Plamandon, leader of the party Quebecois

Leaders’ debate in English is scheduled for September 20, two weeks before Voting Day, on Radio-Canada’s Nouvelle Maison. The 90-minute game was hosted by a consortium of CBC, CTV and Global Networks, as well as CJAD Radio Station.

In 2018, for the first time in Quebec history, the first Leaders Debate was televised in English. At the initiative of the same consortium, daily Tea Gazette.

The holding was condemned by groups such as the Imperfect Franchise in partnership with Franకోois Legalt, Philippe Couillard (PLQ), Jean-Franకోois Lizzie (PQ) and Manon Massey (QS).

In hindsight, this was not a very definitive experience in terms of the fluidity of the negotiationsFriday Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon recalled.

Other discussions in English have been held in the past, but never on video. The previous game, in 1985, aired only on radio in partnership with PQ leader and outgoing premiere Pierre-Marc Johnson and Liberal leader Robert Baurassa.

In French only

There will be at least two talks – in French – on the election campaign, TVA, on September 15 and Radio-Canada, on September 22.

PCQ leader Eric Duhaim Both were invited to participate in the discussions Because of his position in the election, his party never won a candidate. Currently, only one Conservative member sits in Parliament: Claire Samson, Who was excluded from the CAQ Caucus last year.

Mr Duhaim’s response to Franయిois Legalt’s decision not to take part in the debate in English was, to say the least.

After dividing the Quebecars into those who are needed and those who are not, those who are vaccinated and those who are not vaccinated, believers and commoners, Franకోois Legalt is now trying to divide us between Francophones and Anglophones.He tweeted on Friday. This Prime Minister is not fit for his job.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, co-spokesman for the party in Quebec Solidair Appointed last year To take part in leaders’ talks and to serve as Prime Minister in the event of a QS-led government being elected.

With information from Alex Boissonneault and Alexandre Duval