December 1, 2023

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PQ seeks to address institutional bilingualism in order to reverse the French decline

PQ seeks to address institutional bilingualism in order to reverse the French decline

By refusing to appear in the Anglophone Debate, the leader of the party Quebecois, Paul Saint-Pierre Plamandon, wanted to demonstrate his political party’s desire to better protect the French language.

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In an interview with “Le Bilan”, Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon said we should stop promoting bilingualism in all Quebec companies.

“You have to be consistent: institutional bilingualism leads allophones to choose medium and long-term English. So, in Quebec, the debate is not in two languages, but in the official language, “said the Quebec leader.

The latter also promised to campaign on PQ’s desire to reverse the French decline in the Montreal area. In particular, he wants to argue that many municipalities that work in two languages ​​are not needed.

He also refuses to think that he is contributing to the “cultural carnage” or the demonization of English speakers.

“I have never in my life turned down an interview in English,” Paul Saint-Pierre Plamandon emphasized.

According to the PQ Leader, demanding respect for the official language is completely normal and can be found everywhere in the world.

“The official and common language of social contract in Quebec is French,” he said. St.-Pierre Plamondon argues.

According to the politician, we must put an end to the mentality of constantly speaking two languages.

“Otherwise, there are no incentives to be interested in the French and we’ll see what it gives to some places in Canada,” the party supports the Quebecois leader.

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To watch the full interview, watch the video above.

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