July 3, 2022

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Another church in Quebec is changing professions

Another church in Quebec is changing professions

Due to high costs, more churches, such as St. Charles-Garnier Church in Quebec, have had to close in recent years.

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Since some Christians frequent the area, St.-Charles-Garnier Church had to close its doors to divert its activities to bring in money.

“The church is never full, then I come almost every Sunday. They do not have the money to run these churches, ”one church commented.

Six years ago, the parish of Bienheureuse-Dina-Bélanger in Quebec City consisted of three churches: Saint-Michel de Sillery, Saint-Charles-Garnier and Très-Saint-Sacrement. Only St.-Michel de Sillarie Church is open.

As for the Church of Trs-Saint-Sacrement, it had to close in 2019 because its condition was not right. $ 1.8 million was also invested to preserve the site. From 2020, Quebec is trying to decide whether or not to consider this church as a heritage site.

On May 27 the status of the Tress-Saint-Sacrament Church will be known.

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