July 6, 2022

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7 things to know about discount

7 things to know about discount

If you are a member of the Desjardines, you are sure to hear about dividends. You may have seen it on their website when you pay your bills or at your regular checkout.

The principle of Discount Very simple: As a co-operative, Deszardins returns a portion of Cease and Deszardins Group’s financial surplus to its members. In short, it is money that you can get once a year under certain conditions.

The rebate is redistributed to members in two parts: the individual rebate and the community rebate, which are sent through the Community Development Assistance Fund.

Here is important information to keep in mind about the discount:

As a co-operative, Deszardins stands out from other Quebec financial institutions by contributing to the financial well-being of individuals and communities.

Its members contribute to its activities in a variety of ways: in fact, by using certain financial products, but also by participating in general meetings and participating in decision-making processes at various levels.

By choosing Desjardins for your financial needs, you contribute to its operations and profitability. In return, if conditions permit, Deszardins redistributes a portion of its surplus once a year in the form of personal dividends.

Wondering how to choose the perfect Shaw rug Note that if you are a member of Kaisse and the conditions allow, you are eligible. This symbolic amount is intended to reward your commitment to your financial contribution, regardless of the amount of money you have in your accounts.

Both individuals and companies will benefit from the rebate. A total of 97% of all members will receive a discount this year.

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The personal discount is designed in two parts: volume rebate and product discount. Volume reduction is a personalized amount based on the volumes you have in each of the four production families:

– Accounts

– Loans, lines and credit cards

– Placements and investments

– Insurance

It will be adjusted depending on your financial participation in your case. Here’s how to calculate this discount: Personalized amount will be issued as calculated on the basis of premiums and average balance in each of the four production families mentioned above during the year.

For every $ 1,000, your volume rebate will be added. For credit cards, the calculation is based on the net purchases made on your card during the year.

Product discount, on the other hand, is linked to the number of products you have in four categories. Members aged 30 and under are eligible if they have at least one product in four families, such as a checking account, credit card, and tenant home insurance (or investment).

Members who own at least one product in each major family per year will be paid a maximum of $ 50.

Community Dividend Supports local programs that improve the quality of life of communities. Through the Community Development Assistance Fund, Kais donates funds to organizations in their community to support the socio-economic development of communities.

For example, the Community Divide allowed the Notre-Dame-de-Leesse School in Saint-Georges-de-Malby in Gaspace to benefit from an extraordinary park-school, including an outdoor classroom, a socialization zone, an outdoor course, and a hill. Slide, garden containers and more.

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Personal rebate has become more accessible, more transparent and, above all, better from one case to another over the past three years.

In doing so, it responds more to the needs and requests of members, who communicate their wishes to their cousins. Another 72,000 members will receive dividends this year.

This year, an additional $ 54 million will be paid in dividends, which will have an impact on the amount the majority of members receive. In addition, all members (excluding businesses) will benefit from the addition of credit card volumes and therefore larger amounts.

Specifically, personal rebates range from $ 333 M to $ 387 M and community rebates range from $ 47 M to $ 53 M.

Payment dates vary from year to year. For a 2021 discount paid in 2022, members can receive their amount between May 30 and June 10, 2022.

Dividend is your advantage as a member of the Desjardines. Find out about discounts by visiting Desjardines website.