July 6, 2022

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Mary-My embraces the challenge of humor

Mary-My embraces the challenge of humor

Mary-Mai describes herself as a challenging girl, when approached by her to host a comedy gala at Comedyha! Fest-Québec, next summer, rejecting is not an option.

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“The more I do animation, the more I like to try different things”, the man who finds himself in a team of 2022 animators from Comedyha started with his epic passion! Along with Michelle Cortemanche, Anthony Cavanagh, Michelle Charrett, Laurent Paquin, Anne-Elizabeth Bose and Guillaume Pinalt.

After holding the rudder Big Brother Celebrities In two seasons, in Novo, Mary-Mai has now delivered the mission of making people laugh on stage, which is her first.

Although she piloted a gala focusing on variety, on August 16, the singer-host is preparing a stand-up number.

“Without looking like someone is trying to be a comedian, we want to go somewhere, because it’s not my job. Trying to be funny to someone is embarrassing and it doesn’t work, ”Mary-Mai emphasized.

In the same breath, she also assures us that she never really planned to change herself back into comedy, let’s take it lightly.


Director Jean-Franకోois Blaise wanted to host the gala with Mary-Maui.

Confirms the person who wants to “impress”, “whom I trust”.

“I want people to recognize me, but I also want people to go to unexpected places. I want to have autism, I do not take myself seriously. Shoki like this is the only reason I say okay. ⁇

The recognition of its guests will be announced later. For musicians, as Mary-Mai puts it, I’m referring to people with “Its Raisin d’Tray”. In humor, she says she trusts the team to find the right guests.

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She never forgot the music

Despite his appearance, his animation projects did not stop him from making music. She also plans to celebrate her 20-year career in 2023. The album is in the works. She says she already has twenty songs in the bank.

TV project like “ Older brother, That’s one day a week. That left me with the rest of the day to write and do studio work. I have been working on it for over a year now, ”she revealed.