July 6, 2022

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NHL: 32 Pools of Hope Rankings by RDS.ca (Positions 25 to 32)

NHL: 32 Pools of Hope Rankings by RDS.ca (Positions 25 to 32)

RDS.ca provides you with a ranking of 1 in 32 NHL team rankings based on the pool quality of their hops.

Eligibility criteria established for listing hopefuls in this ranking are:

  • In the case of a skater, his age must be 22 years or less.

  • He must start his admission agreement or be formed by the team.

  • Skaters who are considered regular members of the NHL roster – this definition may vary slightly, especially if they are on the injured list – are excluded.

  • In the case of the goalkeeper, all athletes under the age of 26 take into account the specific developmental curve observed in this position.

  • Goaltenders are excluded from occupying their team’s starting role or full-time reserve.

Such a ranking has a subjective nature, depending on the various possible expectations about a young player’s potential, especially when he has not yet switched between the junior and professional ranks. .

Also, if the future first-line or first-line defensive duo is lucky enough to count some of the identified hopefuls, will the team betting on a shallower depth than its rivals really be penalized in the standings? The answers to this question may definitely vary.

Without further ado, here are 25 to 32 locations:

32. Seattle Kraken

Five intriguing players for the future :

1- Mattie Beniers, Center

2- Raiker Evans, defender

3- Ryan Winterton, Center

4- Ville Ottavainen, defender

5- Jacob Mellonson, right winger

Our apologies to Ron Francis and his …

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