July 6, 2022

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Discussion in French: Education and Curing attract attention

Discussion in French: Education and Curing attract attention

None of the leaders of the major parties spoke French as much as they did in the debate.

The discussion, conducted by Radio-Canada and the TFO, brought together four candidates:

  • Carolyn Mulroney, Minister of Francophone Affairs and candidate of the Progressive Conservative Party
  • France Gelinas, outgoing member of the New Democratic Party (NDP)
  • Amanda Simard, Outgoing Liberal Party MP
  • Cara des Grange, Green Party candidate

Only Madame des Grange was a newcomer.

Hello And Thank you

Three of the four party leaders attempted to record a welcome speech in French. New Democrats Andrea Horvath and Liberal Steven del Duca used the opportunity to reaffirm their party promises to the Francophones.

The Green Party leader, Mike Schreiner, began in incomprehensible French before explaining in English, and his intervention demonstrated the need for better funding for education in French.

Progressive Conservative Doug Ford was only satisfied with hello and thanks and recalled in English his government actions and promises, including the integrity of the French Language Services Act, before adding French speakers. One of the best assets Ontario.

Francophone University in the north?

Due to the loss of French programs in the North Financial difficulties at the University of Lawrence There was a similar response from three opposition parties: they supported the establishment of a French-speaking university, a Project led by Sudbury University.

Amanda Simard, the Liberal candidate, answered a question during a televised debate.

Amanda Simard, Liberal candidate

Photo: Radio-Canada

Liberal Amanda Simard said the Ford government knew about the Lawrence issue long ago Keep under the protection of the law On arrangements with the companies’ creditors, but nothing was done.

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“You know French programs are going to be curtailed and the French Language Services Act is not being respected,” she said. And we are waiting for the commissioner report [aux services en français] For knowledge. It should be a sign. ⁇

For us, Laurentian was at a disasterNew Democrat France started Gelinas, who represents Riding in the north of the province.

Caroline Mulroney answered a question during the candidate debate.

Caroline Mulroney, a Progressive Conservative candidate, says the Ford government is taking action.

Photo: Radio-Canada

Carolyn Mulroney explained that the government had referred the University of Sudbury’s file to the Post-Secondary Education Quality Assessment Commission, which had decided whether it could have autonomy.

Ms. Mulroney said the process is moving forwardMs. Gélinas replied, But Sudbury University applied for funding in October 2021 and did not receive a single penny from the regional government..

The independence of the auditor

The three opposition parties have also pledged to restore the autonomy of the French Language Services Commissioner if they form a government.

Progressive Conservatives put it Under the responsibility of the Ombudsman’s Office. Mrs. Mulroney argued The office was successfully merged with the ombudsman’s office With all pre-existing research powers. She expressed concern that the current commissioner was doing his job himself Integrity And Biting.

NDP candidate Franz Gelinas explained his point during the debate.

France Gelinas, NDP candidate

Photo: Radio-Canada

The big difference is the powers between the ombudsman’s office and the independent French language services commissioner who is an independent official of the legislature.Ms. Gelinas argued that an independent commissioner could conduct an inquiry into the matter without having to wait for a complaint.

Cara des Grange, of the Green Party, also stressed the importance of the commissioner’s independence.

What we’ve seen with the Ford government is that it’s really scary for professionalsShe said the environmental commissioner had been dismissed by the Ford government [Dianne Saxe, ancienne commissaire, est chef adjointe et candidate du Parti vert, NDLR].

Holding appointment

The Francophone debate is coming to a standstill. That’s a good thingCarol Jolin, president of the Francophony Assembly in Ontario, is delighted.

This allows us to have a Francophone lens; I think it’s urgentMichelle Tremble, director of the Francophone Seniors and Retired Federation, is credited with doing her part.

Candidates are Caroline Mulroney, Franz Gelinas, Cara des Grange and Amanda Simard.

Candidates are Caroline Mulroney, Franz Gelinas, Cara des Grange and Amanda Simard.

Photo: Radio-Canada

However, he lamented the lack of aging policy on party platforms. Remember that not everyone is sick., He points out. He also likes candidates making strict commitments regarding services in French.

According to Carol Jolin, the topics discussed were relevant to post-secondary education, including immigration, staff shortages and inflation, and allowed Francophones to listen to and select what the parties were proposing.

Elections are always a great opportunity to bring forward the Francophone issues, Mr. Jolin also mentioned, because the parties must take a position, make commitments and once the result comes, we will see the winning party and we will remind them. Commitments made.

With information from Camille Gris-Roy

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