July 6, 2022

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French: Launches advertising campaign on Law 101 in PQ CEGEP

French: Launches advertising campaign on Law 101 in PQ CEGEP

As elected officials in Quebec prepare to vote on Bill 101, the party has launched an advertising campaign demanding that Cubic English-speaking CEGEPs be allocated exclusively to the historic English – speaking minority.

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The Sovereign Authority purchased land on 134 bus shelters in the Montreal area to demand the enactment of Act 101 at the college level.

“Act 101 at CEGEP: Let’s act before it Too late The words “,” too late “can be supermosed and read as graffiti.

The campaign is mainly centered in Montreal, with the posters lasting a week in Langueil and Laval. “We want to remind you that all the experts who heard the parliamentary committee agree that Bill 96 did not reverse the French decline in Quebec. We want to send the message that there are solutions,” explained PQ leader Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon.

A few months before the next election, the party wants to promote its own solutions to reverse the French decline, rather than the “aesthetic half-measures” presented by the Legal government.

Partition version

With only three weeks left on the parliamentary calendar, deputies in Quebec will soon vote on this version of Bill 101, which has caused a great deal of dissatisfaction on the anglophones as the most serious defenders of the French language.

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On the one hand, a thousand demonstrations were held last weekend to protest the attack on the fundamental rights of historic minorities. On the other hand, many nationalists feel that the bill is not moving forward enough.

The PLQ has already announced that it will vote against the reform, especially since there is a restriction on seats in English – speaking CEGEPs. QS, for its part, is calling for an exemption for tribal communities, while supporting the bill.

PQ, on the other hand, continues to be suspenseful despite displaying frustration for many months with the proposed measures. “We will announce our position on the vote soon,” Paul Saint-Pierre Plamandon assured.

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