July 6, 2022

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“I’m like in a dream!” Confidence in ని Genic Fournier

"I'm like in a dream!"  Confidence in ని Genic Fournier

After three glasses of champagne, a small beer, a slice of pizza and a good bath I slept from 1 to 5:30 in the morning! I did not believe him and even this morning I did not believe him. I feel like I’m in a dream. It was just amazing! She says In an interview at It will never be the same.

Starting at 5:00 pm on Tuesday, the evening performances of the Canadian program were recorded. The long wait continued before the winner’s name was revealed shortly before 10pm.

That ending is the worst. Waiting to see people, sitting in front of my son, my friends. It is endless. That’s so emotional!

A quote from Genetic Fournier, Canada Got Talent Winner

She performed the song The show must continue, Queen of the British Formation, which allowed her to win the hearts of the people.

Genic Fournier impresses judges with her performance in the Canada Got Talent Final.

Photo: Courtesy of Citytv

Unexpected encounter

The presence of the famous Impressorio and producer Simon Cowell in the room scared the singer somewhat, though she was guided to focus on her acting and her tone and emotion.

The most exciting thing was that Simon came on stage and we talked for five minutes. I’m still pinching myself this morning thinking I’ve talked to Simon Cowell for five minutes! Expressed the man who looked charming in his beautiful blue dress.

Impressorio praised the artist behind the careers of many artists, including Spice Girls and One Direction, she said. Excellent talent And she would go a long way in the field of songs.

Genie Fornier admits that it was his manager’s ultimate dream to give Simon Cowell a contract.

Singer $ 150,000 and appeared on the show America’s Got TalentIt will be recorded in Las Vegas.

I’m so in my place. I felt in my place. I’m so down to earth, I want to enjoy every moment.

A quote from Genetic Fournier, Canada Got Talent Winner

I’m on stage with musicians, in my swimming pool. It’s perfect, perfect! She added.

Genetic Fournier at the piano.

Singer Genic Fournier works as a Beneficiary Attendant and is the mother of two children with Down Syndrome.

Photo: Radio-Canada

On Wednesday morning, when Genie Fournier had to respond to numerous requests for interviews with journalists, she was in a real whirlwind.

She plans to return to her area on Friday to celebrate her 50th birthdayAnd Birthday.

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