July 3, 2022

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A major appointment for the CAQ

A major appointment for the CAQ

It’s official. Caroline Saint-Hilary is a candidate for the CAQ in Sherbrook, Her new home. She will make the announcement on June 5th.

Obviously, it is impossible to get out of the politics of a former Black Quebecois MP, former mayor of Longueil and former commentator. For Franకోois Legalt, he was a principal recruiter.

At 52, his career path to the top is something that would be the envy of any party. His personal values, rock solid, his skills, his morality, his humanism and his extraordinary ability to adapt.

Half mourning, half ambiguity

Long-term sovereign, she has now joined the Nationalist Party, but is no less a federalist.

Like many ex-PQs and ex-blockquists, over the years, CAQs – starting with its co-founder Franకోois Legalt – have become more and more popular.Me St-Hilaire has a good understanding of reality.

The sovereignty project, as we know it, will never happen. Probably never. For most separatists, this observation, half mourning and half dilemma is painful.

As life goes on smoothly, Quebec makes it possible to select those who want to serve in some way. Sometimes difficult. Sometimes even into the field of bias.

Leadership model

That would be enough to qualify Caroline Saint-Hillary as an opportunist. The CAQ, above all, promised to stay in power for a while.

However, it is very bad to know. Her choice, she fully imagines it. Absolutely. For women in politics and business, MMe Saint-Hillary is also a model of leadership.

When many elected officials announced that they would not run for re-election on October 3, it was not a detail. Hence another dilemma.

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Caroline Saint-Hilare will compete with Quebec Solidair MP Christine Labrie, an outstanding parliamentarian. Quebec politics actually need both.