July 6, 2022

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Retailer Claire de Loon defrauded $ 750,000 by an employee

Retailer Claire de Loon defrauded $ 750,000 by an employee

Thanks to a clever identity theft scheme, Claire de Loon, an accountant at the shop, was able to defraud a retailer of $ 746,000 by drawing the salaries of more than 500 employees over the years. However, Georgia Janetakos’ sentence was postponed to Wednesday due to a shortage of court clerks.

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Louis-Samuel Peron

Louis-Samuel Peron

Lavallois, 61, appeared in a Montreal court preparing to go to jail. However, Judge Karen Giguer was unable to convict her, citing a lack of legal staff in the courtroom, a problem that has recurred in recent months due to the departure of many clerks. The sentence was postponed to next week.

Georgia Janetakos pleaded guilty to fraud in September 2021 in this article, which was a blow to retailer Claire de Loon. In financial trouble for a number of reasons, the company received asylum from its creditors in 2014, and then in December 2019 Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Act.

Since then, 70 stores of this retailer specializing in home appliances have closed their doors. However, bankruptcy of a company is not directly linked to fraud.

According to a summary of facts presented in court, Georgia Janetakos conducted employee parole from March 2008 to September 2014. Her plan was as follows: She targeted part-time or former employees and misrepresented the time worked in their pay system. She diverted the salaries of 566 employees in her favor, while stealing the identities of 124 employees.

Georgia Janetakos deposited the stolen money in 10 different bank accounts. Some accounts are in her name, while others are in the names of her two children, her husband or her assistants.

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The man who discovered the pot of roses in place of the cheater on her vacation. An employee complained that he did not receive wages. By checking the internal system, the replacement noticed that the entire amount was credited to the bank account, but not the employee. When questioned by the company comptroller, Georgia Janetakos admitted to stealing $ 7,500 from the employee.

It should be noted that Claire de Loon received $ 100,000 from her insurance company and then received $ 65,000 from the defendant as part of civil action.

Photo by Alain Roberz, Press

Georgia Janetakos (center, with a blue mask) and her lawyer, MAnd Richard Tavil (right)

During the sentencing proceedings, the Crown attorney, Mr.And Nicholas Ammerlan, sentenced to three years in prison, MAnd Richard Tavil, of Defense, sought a mitigation sentence specifically for such fraud. M.And Camille Rochon-Lamy also led the case for the public prosecutor while pleading guilty.