July 6, 2022

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Will Charlotte Cardin win at Junos in French?

Will Charlotte Cardin win at Junos in French?

Charlotte Cardin won three Junos in Toronto last Saturday, equivalent to Felix in Quebec, including Artist of the Year. This is very rare. In fact, Junos spend most of their time giving gifts to English-speaking singers from Canada, and finally for the most prestigious prizes.

Charlotte Cardin is a talented young singer-songwriter, a glamorous artist, loved by the people of Quebec. Without being a fan, I have to admit that his songs are catchy and have everything he needs to conquer the whole world. So I can say without making a mistake that Charlotte has everything to become an international artist.

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If she had succeeded in Junos, undoubtedly her songs would have been original and perhaps even more innovative. But in his material there are some songs mainly in English, here and there, in French. The songs are very well composed.

But the question we deserve is the following: If all the lyrics of Quebecer Charlotte Cardin’s were written in French, would she have had the same success at Junos in Toronto? I’m not sure.

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English, the universal language

But I can always reassure myself or comfort myself by telling myself that music is universal regardless of language. But the English language seems to be more universal than anything else and especially in the field of music.

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For my part, I was mesmerized in my teens by Beatles, Genesis or Pink Floyd music. But as I grew older I learned and learned to love Quebec and French songs. I fell in love with the work of Felix Leclerc and other French language songwriters. As a teacher of French as a second language to English speakers from various provinces in Canada, I studied the texts of Felix, Vignolt, Lleivre, etc.

Kubeser, Self, continues at the same time to listen to English music. And especially songwriters from Canada, for example Bruce Cockburn, Joni Mitchell and Neil Young. Because they provided good music.

I will not banish them because they sing in English.

But alas for ROC’s Anglophones and even the Anglos in Quebec, the Quebec song does not exist or is very rare. Yes, French-speaking Quebec songwriters only write almost all of their songs in English. Just like Charlotte Cardin did, without taking anything from her talent.

Plus, I’m not listening. I’m still happy with her success in Junos. I’m sorry she did not write more songs in French! Above all, she uses a fine pen in both languages.

Yvonne Gigure, French as a second language teacher