July 6, 2022

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Metropolitan Express Network | Delay for airport antenna

Metropolitan Express Network |  Delay for airport antenna

Customers of Dorval-Trudeau Airport will have to resign themselves to travel downtown by car, taxi or bus and forget about REM by 2024.

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Andre Dubuk

Andre Dubuk

Julian Arsenal

Julian Arsenal

Press It has been learned that the Riso Express Metropolitan (REM) antenna leading to the airport will face further delays and will not be in service by the end of 2024 as planned.

This situation will affect one of the benefits of the $ 6 billion mega project that will connect Montreal-Trudeau International Airport to downtown. The REM airport station was found to be completed later than expected.

Photo by Franకోois Roy, The Press

Below the airport, the future Marie-Curie station will be called to serve the industrial park reserved for high-tech sectors, which will lose service until the airport station opens.

“Apparently, if not the station [à l’aéroport en 2024], There is no commission of this antenna. We’re working with Airports de Montreal to define commissioning sites for airport antennas, “said Jean-Vincent Lacroix, spokesman for CDPQ Infra, a subsidiary of Kaisse Depot et Placement du Quebec, which pilots the network.

“Cars must turn and start again,” Mr. Lacroix explained. We actually put the service through the antenna and not through the isolated station. ⁇

Joined by PressSaint-Laurent borough mayor Alan D’Souza and those responsible for the eagerly awaited Technopark Montreal for the electric train are unaware of the schedule rescheduling.

Photo courtesy of Philip Bovin, Archives

Alan D’Souza, Mayor of the Borough of Saint-Laurent

This means that the network segment that connects downtown to the South Shore will be launched next fall. The tunnel under Mount Royal will reopen a year later, at the end of 2023. The rest of the route will be available by the end of 2024. However, this does not happen in the case of the airport’s antenna. .

The airport station is the only one of the 26 stations that is not responsible for NouvLR, a consortium set up by Caisse to build REM. Aroports de Montréal (ADM) is responsible for its construction. It is expected to cost Rs 250 crore in 2018. The bill more than doubled to 600 million. Quebec and Ottawa had to intervene in April 2021 to advance the money. ADM, a non-profit organization that operates Montreal-Trudeau and Mirabell airports, awarded the contract to AECON and EBC in late January. Work finally began in mid-March.

In early May, at the company’s annual public meeting, ADM boss Philip Raineville indicated that the airport station was not ready in a timely manner. We have never postponed the opening of the entire section connecting Boise-Frank Station to Montreal-Trudeau Airport.

Mr Rainville described the airport station as a “financial disaster” Last November. He noted that REM will prevent ADMs from 5 to 10 million through parking fees.

ADM refused to advance the date of entry into service and indicated questions Press In CDPQ Infra.

“Bad news,” said the borough mayor

The move will have consequences for the Technopark Montreal in Saint-Laurent borough, which will be fined by the decision. Below the airport, the future Marie-Curie station will be called to serve the industrial park reserved for high-tech sectors, which will lose service until the airport station opens.

Any delay would be “bad news”, Mayor Alan D’Souza underlined, adding that “everyone is eager” to access the Marie-Curie station – this is the cornerstone of Albert-Einstein and Boulevard Alfred Noble.

During the telephone interview with PressHe said he had not been informed about the commissioning delay of the REM antenna serving the airport. DeSousa said.

“I can understand some of the delays already announced, but I want to step on the CDPQ infra pedal to complete this section as soon as possible,” he said. This service is essential for the financial competitiveness of the Technopark. ⁇

125 companies were formed in the Technopark. They employ about 6,000 workers. The mayor of Saint-Laurent Borough said he was in discussions with them to encourage other businesses to settle there. D’Souza said making sure the REM is in service on time is a “critical issue”.

Access to the REM station has prompted many companies to settle in the Technopark. We present an example of orthogonal technologies established in September 2021. “REM is actually an argument (among many others) for settling in Technopark”, underlined Ludwin Felix, director of business development and Technopark Montreal Public Relations. , In an email sent to Press.

On Thursday afternoon, the REM.info site was not up to date and still the airport department announced that it would be launched in 2024.

In collaboration with William Leclerc, Press

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