July 6, 2022

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Quackist Mary Chantal Chase has left political life

Quackist Mary Chantal Chase has left political life

(Quebec) Coalition Avenir formed the seventh exit at Quebec (CAQ) because Châteauguay, MarieChantal Chasse, left politics at the end of her command.

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Tommy Chaunard

Tommy Chaunard

According to our information, the announcement should be officially Friday afternoon.

MMe Chase was elected in 2018, defeating incumbent Liberal MP Minister Pierre Morey by a majority of 1,121 votes.

The prime minister appointed her environment minister when her term began, and she was fired just three months later. MMe Chase subsequently worked as a Parliamentary Assistant to Finance Minister Pierre FitzGibbon, along with others, on files related to innovation. She participated this week in an event to unveil the government’s strategy on research and investment in innovation.

In Châteauguay, Jean-Franకోois Primau, a lawyer who worked alongside former PLQ MPs Jean-Marc Fournier and Pierre Morey, presents the local council president. Reported this week. For its part, Quebec Solidair relies on Martin Bekot‌, regional federation director for non-profit housing organizations in Monterrey and Estre.

In recent weeks, five other women members of the CAQ Caucasus have announced that they will not seek another order: Ministers Daniel McConn (Sangunet) and Marguerite Blaise (Privost), but Suzanne Dancero (Vercెరres), Emily Foster (Charlevoix-Cటేte-de-Byre) and Huntingdon).

Denis Tordiff (Rivière-du-Loup – Témiscouata) has decided not to compete again due to health issues.

Daily after being told in February The sun As indicated by 98.5 FM on Friday morning, he will be running again in the fall election, National Assembly President and Lewis Deputy Franకోois Paradis reflected. At CAQ, we think the departure of a 65-year-old man will not come as a surprise.

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