July 3, 2022

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The party at Laval High School is completely wrong

The party at Laval High School is completely wrong

A party at Laval High School was completely out of hand yesterday afternoon, with 30 police officers having to intervene to control a group of about 100 students who had turned violent.

Tear gas, damaged police cars, spitting, thrown twigs … Here is a brief picture of a teenage party that collapsed at 1pm yesterday at Horizon Junesse Secondary School in Laval.

“We got a call to get involved in this party which was packed with about 150 to 200 students. Our goal is to keep young people on the school grounds for their safety and to prevent them from being hit by a car, ”said Laval (SPL) police spokesman Lt. Genevieve Major.

“Big Kicks”

Several videos related to the party were posted on Instagram at the end of the day. We see passionate young people surrounding patrolling cars.

“Students started throwing branches at our vehicles. The youths also kicked our police vehicles. We made calls with our microphones for calm, but it was not heard, ”said MMe Main.

Public hearing

The latter stated that a police officer also had to use his pepper as a “preventive and protective gesture.” A young woman was hit by chili powder and was not injured.

“We are currently investigating misconduct on police vehicles. No arrests yet, but it will come, ”the SPL lieutenant confirmed.

Geneviève Major also points out that SPL agents returned to school on Friday and misbehaved with the party along with the youth.

The school explains

During the consultation on the matter, the management of Horizon Junice Secondary School reported that “various activities have been carried out over the past few days to celebrate Intercultural Week”.

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“Some students made inappropriate feasts and created the overflow that appeared yesterday. […] We are back today with relevant students to promote civility, civic responsibility and behavior in a democratic society, “said Annie Goet, of the Laval School Board of Communications.

MMe Goethe also claimed that people who did not attend school were more likely to attend the party in the setting up yesterday.