July 6, 2022

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When respect is in its place

When respect is in its place

Phoenix, Arizona | Sometimes we get WWE stuff. Like, taking a banana out of the bag, smashing the fruit in the face of the opponent, going with statements and insults like this. Absurd …

Worse, at other times, the two men behave like players before the big game, answering questions politely and agreeing on how the fight should go.

At that point, the sport regained its place. At that point, we have a deep respect for the two people who, in order to get into the ring and win the fight, have to hit each other with their force on the face, liver or plexus.

It happens magically. It happened in Phoenix yesterday.

Wait in the car

However, he played the same low Games Than usual. David Lemieux and his team wait in the car for a good ten minutes before heading upstairs for a press conference at the Gila River Arena.

There is no question that David Benavidez is going to sit at the Lamieux table and make a beautiful jouf while waiting for his appearance. It took operations Big Boss Virginie Assali to call Mark Ramsey to tell Benavidez he was there with his girlfriend and baby to get into the furnace to head towards the Quebeckers building.

They are the only ones. When it came time for David Lemieux to explain to Showtime and reporters that he was in Phoenix, he always wanted to compete with the best in the business, he never raised his voice. He described the Benavidez style and always had a polite tone if he was serious about the content of his responses.

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Benavidez took the mic and matched it to the Lemieux tone. In the end, he admired David Lemieux when he was a boxer at a very young age and one thing is for sure, he or Lemieux …