July 3, 2022

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It’s time to get angry, Mr. Legalt!

It's time to get angry, Mr. Legalt!

May 2 in my columnI regret that the Quebecars did not get angry despite all the insults we received from English Canada.

“When you agree to be repeatedly insulted without responding, perhaps you are only entitled to it,” I wrote.

We can ask the Prime Minister the same question: Mr. Legalt, why do you not get angry no matter how many cats you get from Ottawa?

Masked sovereignty?

Some (apparently good drinkers) believe that Franయిois Legalt is a masked sovereign who wants to demonstrate along with all his demands that the Canadian Federation cannot be reformed.

If that is true, our Prime Minister will strongly condemn Canada’s stubbornness every time Ottawa knocks on his face.

But that’s not what he does.

Mr. Legalt has a tendency to take his hole.

Has Justin Trudeau announced that he wants to set national standards in long-term care?

Franకోois Legalt was pleased to remind lip service that health is Quebec’s exclusive jurisdiction.

Did the federal government refuse to close airports at the beginning of the epidemic?

Mayor Valerie Plante tore his shirt.

Did the federal government refuse to keep troops in Quebec until September 15?

Mr Legalt said he did not understand the decision.

Will the Fed refuse to close Roxham Road?

Give Quebec all powers in immigration matters?

Should Law 101 Apply to Federally Chartered Companies?

Should Cubes be allowed to complete only one tax return?

To give us all the powers in matters of culture?

The same shy reaction as always.

Franకోois Legalt refused, inquired, regretted, apologized, expressed his frustration.

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And slaps the shoulders.

The same attitude when Quebec was insulted by the moderator of the debate in English …

“Good” strategy Jack

I understood that it was not Mr. Legalt’s nature to cling to the ceiling and ride his high horse.

His character is “good Jack “.

But, in the end, we expect a little more excitement.


A little less conversation, a little more action As sung by Elvis.

Less resignation, and more protest.

Each time, however, Quebec responds as if Canada’s rejection did not surprise us. It’s like being in order of things.

In 2014, Franకోois Legalt said Quebec did not need to “blow up the heap of old constitutional controversy” to gain “efficiencies” from Ottawa.

“Just negotiate in good faith. ⁇

One year later, during the CAQ’s General Council in Laval, he declared himself a “nationalist claimant”.

“We will reclaim the powers from the federal government and claim privileges that require amendments to the constitution.”

Seven years later, all we got from the federal government was dismissal.

Is it time to get angry, Mr. Legalt?

Left to throw a can of oil on the fire?