July 6, 2022

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Regional Elections | Dominic Anglade called for a debate in English

Regional Elections |  Dominic Anglade called for a debate in English

Following the cancellation of the debate in English by (Quebec) leaders Franకోois Legalt and Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon, Dominic Angled called on the English media consortium to reconsider its decision and propose that the exercise be held ‘immediately’ in June. A hint was immediately wiped out by the Prime Minister’s Office.

Updated yesterday to 6:06 pm.

Funny Levesk

Funny Levesk

The leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ) on Friday called on the English-language media consortium (CBC, CTV, Global and CJAD) to reconsider their decision to cancel the discussion of leaders in English during the Quebec election campaign. 2022.

“Leaders’ participation in pre-election discussions gives all parties the opportunity to discuss their priorities, as well as to put forward their ideas, their projects, their aspirations and their commitments on issues that concern all of us,” he argued. MMe Angled posted her letter on social media on Friday.

The Liberal leader is going for an “alternative solution” by proposing to hold the debate between June and voting day, next October 3, so that “all leaders have adequate time to prepare for it”. It is not routine to do such an exercise before the election. The National Assembly will continue its work until June 10.

“In the Liberal Party of Quebec, we believe that political selection should be highly informed. We have a responsibility to make sure that all Quebec voters are treated equally, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general.

Not to mention that Dominic Anglade’s intervention, his arrangement seeks to assuage the discontent of a section of his English-speaking electorate, who say they can no longer identify themselves in the PLQ. In recent weeks two political structures have emerged to defend English-speaking communities. MMe Angled also openly fought against Bill 96 for French defense.

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Legalt says cabinet no

M. The cabinet of the accused Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt quickly rejected the proposalMe Angled for wanting to “conduct the election campaign before the election campaign.”

“We do not play his gameMe English seems to have been forgotten, and it is not surprising that she did not support Bill 96, although the common and official language in Quebec is French. Mr Legalt will be speaking in French during the election campaign. Quebec does not have a long tradition of conducting negotiations in English. We can see that the priority of the Liberal Party is to change this trend. This is a shame, “said Mr. Legalt, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

Quebec’s Conservative Party leader Eric Duhaim, for his part, said it was difficult to explain leader Dominic Anglade’s departure, confirming that talks were underway with at least one other English-language media to hold a debate during the campaign. Without Mr. Legalt. Mr. Duhaim mentioned it Canadian Press A few days ago and extended an invitation to MMe Anglade said on Twitter that he was ready for it. “There is a debate going on in the election campaign,” he added in response to a proposal made by the PLQ leader on Friday.

One week ago, Coalition Avenir Quebec leader Franకోois Legalt and party Quebecois leader Paul Saint-Pierre Plamandon declined an invitation from the Anglophone Media Consortium for a media discussion in Shakespeare’s language. The two chiefs assured that the questions asked by the journalists would be answered in English every day.

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Mr. Legault spoke about the seriousness of preparing for debate during the election campaign the two debates that have already passed the traditional competition hosted by TVA and Radio-Canada in French. The PQ leader also indicated that he would not participate, but not for the same reasons, arguing that “the official and common language in Quebec is French”.

Franకోois Legalt and then-Quebecois leader Jean-Franకోois Lizzie agreed to take part in the exercise in 2018. This is the first discussion in English since 1985.

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