July 6, 2022

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“It’s insane! It’s a mess”

"It's insane! It's a mess"

Richard Debian will long remember his evening of May 21, 2022. A resident of Saint-Jerome, Laurentians, whose house was damaged by storms and winds, Mother Nature had never seen such an opening.

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“It started during lunch. It started to wind very hard, the trees were falling to the ground. The roof of the neighbors fell on my edge and the big tree carrying the electric wires fell. It hit hard. At the height of the storm, my 20-foot birch tree head hit the ground,” Mr said. Debian calmly explained to TVA Novelles.

“Here we have never seen! Hungama and firefighters arrived here yesterday. The wind blew and it rained. It’s insane. The rain fell sideways rather than vertically. It’s very impressive, “said Richard Debian.

Jerome was relieved that no one had been injured by the wreckage blown into the air. He has already contacted his insurer and a specialized company will cover the damage around his home.

The roof of his residence was damaged, but “at least it was not raining in the house,” Mr. Debian said philosophically.

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