July 6, 2022

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Justice in crisis | The Journal of Quebec

Justice in crisis |  The Journal of Quebec

For many years now, the problems of obtaining justice in Quebec have been exacerbated to the point where it could lead to a real crisis, the consequences of which are unacceptable.

The Examples reported by our Bureau of Investigation this week Most reveal the severity of the situation. This is due to staff shortages, whose working conditions are not competitive.

Cases that have been adjourned or completely dismissed in the courts are overwhelming.

Therefore, although the number of cases in small claims has decreased, we are seeing delays of three years to almost six years. These delays have almost tripled since the CAQ came to power.

Ruined judges

In one case pending trial in Montreal, a judge ruled that the situation was unacceptable with serious consequences. He called in the hope that the Ministry of Justice would work.

As the clerk was not available, another judge had to adjourn the hearing. He apologized to the 87-year-old robbery victim who has been waiting and dreaming since 2019.

Such departures also speak to the scope of the crisis.

People’s Court

Under the circumstances, it threatens access to justice. In the case of the Court of Small Claims or the “People’s Court”, which was established to make justice more accessible to all, its purpose was compromised.

The government should refrain from closing its eyes. And Justice Minister Simon Jolin-Barrett must find lasting solutions. His idea of ​​Quebec court judges working in the evenings and on weekends seems to be completely disconnected when they are already under unnecessary pressure due to the situation.

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Will Jordan take some kind of judgment in the civil case to make the government realize the extent of the crisis?