July 6, 2022

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Many Quebecars do not know the real name of the Tick to Tack cult series

Many Quebecars do not know the real name of the Tick to Tack cult series

From 1989 to 1990, the two Chipmunks dominated television broadcasts with their heroic adventures.

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It’s actually Chip and Dale (in English) or Tick at Tack, as they are called in the French – speaking world.

On Friday, Disney + released the first new adventure of little heroes in twenty years.

On the other hand, as some good Quebeckers have said, they caught on as soon as they saw the movie title.

Tick ​​at Tack, Risk Rangers. What? Rangers?

Yes, many Kubeers still believe that this show is called RONGEURS DU RISK rather than RANGERS DU RISK.

This makes sense because chipmunks are a variety of rodents and most importantly do not have the word ranger in French. Also, the credits are clearly sung by a French woman who pronounces “Ronne-Ger”, which you have to admit is confusing.

To this day it is not known why translators chose the English word ranger from the show name in the original Chip N ‘Dale Rescue Ranger.

In English, a ranger means someone who is responsible for ensuring the protection of the territory, such as a park or a member of an armed group.

Comedian Gabriel Caron has published an exchange with his sister on the subject.

Some members of the Sack de Chips team also heard their hands clap “Rodents of Risk” in the lower Quebec version. But not.

Clearly, the show missed a golden opportunity to make a great pun. Risk rat. Very good, right? At least our collective memory sorted it out.

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And you?


What did you call the show?

Risk Rangers

Risk rodents

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