July 6, 2022

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New version of Eastern REM | QS does not want an aerial train, which creates an “urban divide”

New version of Eastern REM |  QS does not want an aerial train, which creates an "urban divide"

Everything except the (Montreal) air train. It summarizes Quebec Solidar’s position that it will never build concrete structures east of Montreal to replace the REM de l’Est project if it comes to power next October. .

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Matthew Pockett
Canadian Press

Hochelaga-Maisonneuve MP, Alexandre Leduc, and Bourget candidate, Mary-Eve Rancourt, departed on Monday, confirming in the United Government that a light air train would never be set up in the eastern vicinity of Montreal. , So this mode creates a new “urban division” according to them.

“The visual horror it creates is unbearable for the neighbors who live in these neighborhoods,” Mr Ledak told The Canadian Press. “Having a concrete structure 10 meters high as neighbors is not fun. ⁇

REM de l’Est actually had to connect most of its route by air to the east of the island to the city center. Promise: Reach the city center in 25 minutes from Pointe-aux-Trembles.

Photo by Catherine Lefebvre, LA PRESSE Archives

Hochelaga-Mysannyev, Alexander Ledak Deputy at the demonstration against Air REM in 2021.

But due to widespread criticism, the real estate division of the project Kaisse de Depot et Placement du Quebec was withdrawn from the hands of CDPQ Infra and the Quebec government took the reins earlier this month.

However, Quebec Solidarity fears that the new project, which is still being explored by the government, the city of Montreal and the Autorit regional de Transport Metropolitan (ARTM), has the idea of ​​a light air train – which he strongly opposes.

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“This mode is not socially acceptable, explains M.Me Ramcourt. It has been criticized by citizens, but also by architects and town planners. It is an urban subdivision, which is added to the already populated neighborhood. ⁇

New layout, but also new mode

When it regained control of the project, the government immediately announced that it had strongly condemned part of downtown due to the structural impact that the concrete structures had on the Rene-Lewesk boulevard.

But according to Quebec Solidair, the path of the new project for the eastern districts is very vague. “I’m interested in walking around these areas and I’m curious to see if people know that air transport is still on the table,” Mr. Ledak underlined.

At an information session last week held by Collectif en environnement Mercier-Est – a group of citizens opposed to the Eastern REM project – ARTM confirmed that all options about the new project are on the table.

Michelle Leme, Executive Director, Public Affairs, Marketing and Customer Experience for ARTM, said: “Nothing is set in stone. […] By the end of the year, we want to come up with an alternative solution that I can assemble for everyone with the mode I call and the main parameters. ⁇

CDPQ Infra initially opted for the elevated train for its light rail, as this mode makes it possible to avoid intersections and other obstacles on the track shared with other vehicles. It saves time compared to the time required to make a single trip by car or bus.

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However, the underground metro also avoids these hazards, although it is very expensive to build.

But Quebec Solidair believes saving this time is not enough to install concrete structures in residential environments. The party believes that while the air train can cater to the needs of people who frequently travel from the east to the city center, it neglects those who need to travel between neighboring areas.

“There is also displacement in the districts. We need to assess the needs and respond to them appropriately, ”she said.Me Ramcourt.

Québec solidaire In any mode – tram, metro or other – it will form its focus once it comes to power, but the party believes that the air train will not work.

Public consultation

A short walk through the streets of Sauligni and Sherbrook in the district of Mercier will allow you to see the many signs that oppose REM de l’Est.

Now that they have won the abandonment of the initial project, citizens are demanding to be contacted for a newer version of it. Many of them did the same at a meeting set up last week with ARTM.

“I want to carry the voices of so many people who are here this evening and do not want to fly,” one of them began with applause from the audience.

ARTM has promised to continue the consultation and this is exactly what Quebec Solidair is asking for.

“We need a structured link in the East, there is a consensus on that, but let’s build it to have the best possible project based on the needs of ARTM professionals and the public,” Mr. Ledak said.

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