July 3, 2022

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Pierre Carl Pelado was beaten by a Quebec court

Pierre Carl Pelado was beaten by a Quebec court

Pierre Carl Pelado, CEO and controlling shareholder of Quebecore, took “abusive legal action” against one of the lawyers involved in his divorce file, and the court ruled that he had “abused and abused legal interests” by demanding $ 60,000 from her. Quebec, ordered to pay the fee he refused to pay.

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Tristan Peloquin

Tristan Peloquin

The dispute dates back to 2019, when now-retired lawyer Nicole Parent filed a $ 54,543 lawsuit demanding that the businessman pay his last three bills, which he refused to pay.

Between January 2016 and October 2018, MAnd Her parents billed her a total of $ 1,047,101 as part of her “most controversial and tough” divorce case with host Julie Snyder, which required intervention on a “daily basis.” “The evidence shows her [MParent] She is fully committed, available and invested in looking after the client’s best interests and giving him appropriate advice, ”said Judge Pierre Clichy in his 20-page judgment. Modified heavily to protect the privacy of Péladeau and his family.

In response to the inquiry brought by the lawyer, Mr. Pelado himself filed a counterclaim, claiming $ 60,000 in damages for “moral damages” and claiming that he had suffered “professional negligence” for which he had been charged with felony criminal mischief.And Parents. He alleges that she “failed in her duty to provide information and advice” because she did not discuss with him the possibility of appealing the interim judgment given in the context of her divorce file and because she failed to modify certain confidential matters. The court heard she filed a $ 54,543 lawsuit.

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“There is no chance of success”

However, Mr. The court considered P నిర్ణయంladeau’s decision to be “unreasonable for success”. The court ruled that if his lawyer failed to talk to him about the possibility of appealing the case, it was “below the level of objective gravity”. The judge pointed out that Mr Pelado had complained about it almost two and a half years after learning of the false information he was alleging that his lawyer was public in his lawsuit, which “indicates part of the malice that deserves to be blamed on him. Part”.

To our request for comment on this article Mr. Péladeau did not respond. MAnd Currently unable to reach parents outside the country.

The facts as a whole “leave a sweat [de M. Péladeau] Intended to create unnecessary stress [MParent] She agrees to enter into an agreement that will allow her to avoid paying her professional fees or receive a substantial reduction in them, “Judge Clichy underlined.

The magistrate added that his $ 60,000 lawsuit against his lawyer “constitutes an abusive legal investigation”, “clearly misrepresented” and “filed for a sloping purpose, i.e. to unnecessarily balance his lawsuit”, denouncing the businessman $ 54,543 and interest. , Mr.And Parents, as well as legal costs arising from both lawsuits.

As part of his divorce file, Mr. Peladeu also had to respond to a $ 92,000 lawsuit by Anne-France Gold‌water, a lawyer who briefly argued on his behalf. Their dispute was settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.