July 6, 2022

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This comic illustrates how many men are able to avoid household chores

This comic illustrates how many men are able to avoid household chores

Emma, ​​the French cartoonist who brought to light the popular concept of mental task with the comic that went viral in 2017, is doing it again with a series of pictures on how men avoid certain household chores and avoid their sometimes unconscious state. Strategies.

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According to recent statistics, women still take care of 70% of parenting and household chores. The wise cartoonist asked, “Ca se putsoù?” Re-enacted with a series of sketches entitled. A phrase that many women hear every day.

However, in Quebec, it is called “Ca va loin a? Where are my pants? Do you have a baby bib? What’s her name again? “

When some people hear that a woman does too much, they say “OK but do less, it’s okay.”

The comic makes it clear that in a heterosexual couple with children, even if the woman decides to work less and chooses to be “generous” in household chores, the man will not be able to correct the difference and the chances of finding a way out are high. less by becoming a Lazy. And this, often unknowingly (but not all the time).

He uses several tactics:

Its consequences fall on the woman.

The complete comic is available on the artist’s Facebook page:

She Also available on his blog.

On Facebook, the comic has already been shared almost 30,000 times and has generated many reactions.

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