July 3, 2022

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Praise of the old guard

Praise of the old guard

Joel Le Bigot, Denise Lewesk, Paul Howd: We rarely put these three names together, and yet, this week, we had to do it because three people announced they were leaving their microphones on for a few days.

First, for good: as they say, he will come of retirement age. Second, to start a new cycle in his career, and thirdly, because his bosses felt there was no need to extend his contract, which we politely deserve as a bad idea.


These three people have a real freedom of voice, a personal culture that transcends the current era of formative animators, which is very often dominated in our audiovisual landscape.

In Radio-Canada, Le Bigot is a monument and dissent. A monument is very important, almost untouchable, which allowed to make comments that condemn the era and secretly approve of common sense. When he spoke, the sacred ears were bleeding and the audience rejoiced.

At LCN, Denise Lewesk knows how to highlight the extraordinary nature of ordinary life. But he also knows how to conduct great interviews with a perfectly unmatched style.

At 98.5, Paul Howd knows how to mix humor and the most improbable encyclopedic spirit. These three people are not just animators: they are characters. I was able to add a few names like Pierre Bruno and Michelle Lacombe, they also deserve praise.


We are told: the world must renew itself. I answer: the new is not always better than the old. The great experience will surely make it possible to free himself from the often unseen, but very heavy prejudices of our time. Above all, I would say that the freedom of the soul is severely impaired after their departure.

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I watch them go, and only one phrase comes to mind: the praise of the old guard. Yes. Praise of the old guard.