July 6, 2022

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Regional Elections: Mary Montpet is taking a break from politics

Regional Elections: Mary Montpet is taking a break from politics

Mary Mont‌pett, an independent MP and excluded from the Liberal Caucus due to allegations of psychological harassment, will not stand for re-election in the next election. She believes the PLQ leader has disrespected her.

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Maurice Richard, elected MP for the constituency, is stepping down from politics after 8 years of service. However, it does not close the door to return “one day”. Says leave serene. The former Minister of Culture, under the Coillard government, has confirmed that she is retiring with the feeling that she has completed her work.

Last November, however, Liberal leader Dominique Angled showed the Caucasus door to Deputy Mary Montpet, targeting allegations of psychological harassment.

“I was very disappointed with the way things were done,” she mentioned during a press scrum on Tuesday morning, pointing out that the chef was disrespectful to her. “I could not justify myself in my trial in Public Square.”

MMe Montpetit reiterated that no official complaint had been lodged during his years as MP.

“I relate to the facts,” she says, having had the same entourage for many years. “I have nothing to blame myself for (…), but no one is perfect.” She assured that she would never harass employees and relatives. “I call for an independent investigation.”

She has her PLQ card, but will vote against the party in the coming elections.

Listen to the Dutrizac-Robitaille meeting on QUB Radio:

For 96

Moreover, unlike his former party, M.P.Me Vote for Bill 96 of Montpet.

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“I am very comfortable voting in favor of (…) incomplete,” she said, adding that she could not be comfortable with M’s PLQ position.Me England.

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