July 6, 2022

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Shirley Tharox: “I will never stop …”

Shirley Tharox: "I will never stop ..."

Going on stage solo in Montreal was Shirley Therox’s great dream. And because of the epidemic he almost slipped through his fingers.

The meeting was originally set for April 2020, but the first wave of Kovid-19 wanted something different. After five installments, the singer finally sees the light at the end of the tunnel: she finally arrives on stage at Guess in Montreal on Thursday evening to perform her first solo show, Sing to speak.

“I care about this show. I could not have imagined that one day I would stop my career without singing on stage in the city where I grew up,” she sighed.

At the end of the line, Shirley Throx had a fever. You can feel him in his voice, in his speech. Because she has long been afraid to put a stop to such an expensive project.

“I’m also ready to regret it. I’m very frustrated; I want it to take me with a spoon. But I’m not been bitter. I want to move on. I do not have time for the rest, ”she declared with the full confidence we know about her.

Matter of attitude

It is precisely this attitude that has sustained him for the past two years. Because as a mother and grandmother her heart constraints made it harder. And they stole his creativity for many months.

“I can sit at my piano, or even paint in my studio and I could not create. It is completely null. But the hardest thing was that during the first lockdown my son would come and bring me food and not be able to hug him. The same thing happened to my grandchildren. It’s horrible to lose human relationships and affections, ”she sighed.

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“I’m a singer”

It is hard for some to believe that Shirley Therox never had the chance to tread the steps of the metropolis as part of a solo show. Needless to say, she quickly turned to television, which she monopolized for much of her career.

His roadmap is impressive. Of The suns were plentiful For necessities TannersShirley Théroux has been part of our cultural and television landscape for almost 60 years.

But she is, by her own consent, a singer. And it will always be the same, always driven by its successes Do it like a bird, (Is beautiful) A man, How young you are And others I have always been yours.

“I’ve spent my life on television sets, but I’m a singer. At the age of 11, I skipped my classes to sing in talent competitions!” She recalls.

That’s why she pursues this career that she loves so much. Because after her autobiography was released in bookstores in the fall, Shirley Therox hit the road for a tour Christmas tradition in songAlong with Loose Defect, Johanna Bluin and Joe Bocan, a few can be mentioned.

Retirement in all of these?

“Never in life, Shirley Tharox promised. I will never stop singing. Never.”

Shirley Theroux performs her performance Sing to speak This Thursday at Gesù.

Shirley’s Cultural Diary

Reading, TV, Radio … Shirley Theroux loves to learn about new offers in three of her favorite fields.

Last read book:

Twelve months of Mary, By Mary-Chantal Peron

I love it Twelve months of Mary, By Mary-Chantal Peron. She writes so well! And the illustrations of Genevieve Bovin-Rousseau are excellent.

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The latest series Viewed:

Raspberry time, On Club Illico

I really like the series Raspberry time. Chandrin Bisson … what a great actress! Otherwise, I would be very disappointed District 31 Will be completed. I can not wait to see the show in its place. The bar is high, but we make a lot of good television here in Quebec.

Last show I heard it:

This is great With Claude Saucier. On weekends, I pour a small glass of white wine and listen as I prepare my dinner. I feel like I’m regaining my youth, I know all the songs wholeheartedly. “